Wintermester registration begins Nov. 5

Students will have the opportunity to catch up or get ahead in their studies by registering for a Wintermester course.

snow pic 1Twelve classes will be offered during the 2012-2013 Wintermester term. This condensed term allows students to have more flexibility and more learning opportunities to fulfill their academic requirements. Courses offered during this semester provide students with an additional opportunity to meet prerequisites for future courses, lighten course loads of other semesters, and make progress toward their academic goals.

This year, students can select from travel, online and traditional classes in a variety of majors. Wintermester classes will start on Dec. 14 and go through Jan. 6. Advising for Wintermester classes runs from Oct. 22- Nov. 2. Registration begins Nov. 5.

Wintermester classes that will be offered this year include:

Travel Courses: TH 2243 Theatre in New York

Hybrid Courses: CO 1003 Intro to Communication, EN 2163 World Literature II

Online Courses: AR 1813 Art Appreciation, BI 3223 Worldviews, BI 4213 Biblical Ethics, HL 3302 First Aid & Emergency Care, LUMS 2043 Biology and Sustainability, MA 1030 Intermediate Algebra, MG 3503 Principles of Management, MK 3503 Principles of Marketing, PS 1113 Introduction to Psychology

For more information on Wintermester classes or to check the online class schedule visit