Department of Sociology
and Social Work

Topics of Interest

African American families

MLK and society

Cultural diversity

Women/gender empowerment

Race issues

Class issues

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Norma Burgess
Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
Academic Specialties
-- Gender studies
-- Family relations
Family Relations & Diversity Topics
African-American families • Women’s role in the family • Family and work (forced participation, balance, integration) • Women and leadership • Gender work issues • Importance of culture and diversity of culture • Race issues • Women/gender empowerment • Contextualizing race and class in society • Martin Luther King Jr. and society (race, ethnicity and society) • Conflict management between work and family • Integrating work, family, and success
Education Topics
Graduate education • Budgetary and academic Management • Study abroad for students • Administrative management and leadership strategies for non-academic faculties • Higher education administration • Curriculum development
Leadership Topics
Self-development and self-esteem • Self-management • Goal setting • Advanced leadership development