Department of Mechanical Engineering

Topics of Interest

NASA and space technololgy

Manufacturing and design

Automotive Engineering


Ballistic missile defense and technology

Engineering missions in Third World countries

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Fort Gwinn
Chair of Department of Mechanical Engineering
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Academic Specialties
-- Structural and mechanical systems
-- Vibrations on rotating equipment
Other Topics
Science of vibration in space crafts and rotating equipment  •  NASA  •  Automotive engineering  •  Aerospace engineering  •  Wind tunnels  •  Pressure vessel design  •  Engineering for wind tunnels and industry


Richard Gregory
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Academic Specialties
-- Solid mechanics
-- Material science
Other Topics
Analysis of stress and strain on structures  •  Automotive engineering  •  Composite materials  •  Mechanical testing  •  Manufacturing and design


Kerry Patterson
Associate Professor of Engineering Mechanics
Academic Specialties
-- Thermal sciences – fluid flow mechanics
-- Thermodynamics combustion
Other Topics
Biodiesel and green manufacturing  •  Ballistic missile defense  •  Ballistic missile technology and systems  •  Countermeasures and systems engineering  •  Reentry vehicles (space vehicles and ballistic missiles)  •  Heat transfer and thermal systems  •  Fluid systems  •  Space vehicles  •  Renewable energy systems • Lasers • Thermodynamics • Rarified Gas Dynamics • Engineering for developing communities