Department of Kinesiology

Topics of Interest

Performance-enhancing supplements

Exercise trends

Child exercise and nutrition

Body image and exercise

Health and wellness teaching methods

Yoga and its benefits

Fitness for seniors

Company-provided wellness programs

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Kent Johnson
Academic Chair for Department of Kinesiology
Professor of Exercise Science
Faculty Athletic Representative to NCAA
Academic Specialties
-- Exercise physiology
Other Topics
Performance-enhancing supplements and their effects on sports performance  •  Effects and prevalence of hidden ephedra use by athletes in diet and supplement products  •  Exercise trends  •  Exercise nutrition  •  Accreditation issues for exercise science  •  Health benefits of athletic activity for children  •  Physiological benefits of physical exercise in schools
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Karen Robichaud
Program Director of Graduate Studies in Exercise and Nutrition Sciences
Academic Specialties
-- Health Promotion
Other Topics
Youth Obesity
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Anna Rose Anderson
Instructor of Kinesiology
Coordinator for Lipscomb's faculty/staff wellness program
Academic Specialties
-- Methods for teaching health and fitness
Other Topics
Health and nutrition  •  Weight management  •  Wellness  •  Stress management  •  Fitness and nutrition guides for beginners  •  Fitness for mid-lifers and seniors  •  Child exercise and nutrition  •  Food consumption and its effects on physical performance


Ruth Henry
Professor of Kinesiology
Chair of the Integrity Council
Academic Specialty
-- Applied Exercise Physiology
Other Topics
Applied Exercise Physiology  •  Adult Fitness  •  Yoga and its benefits  •  Personal Fitness Programs  •  Fitness for seniors  •  Overall wellness  •  Heart wellness (diet and exercise)  •  Body image and exercise  •  Exercise and perfectionism regarding athlete’s training and performance
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