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Steve Joiner
Interim Dean of the College of Bible and Ministry
Managing Director of the Institute for Conflict Management
Professor of Conflict Management 
Academic Specialties
-- Conflict Management
-- Religious conflict
-- Facilitation
Other Topics
Generational conflict • Religious conflict • Conflict in the public arena • Facilitating public discussion • Facilitating large groups   
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Earl Lavender
Director of Institute for Christian Spirituality
Professor of Biblical Studies
Academic Specialties
-- Historical Theology
Other Topics
Missional studies Spiritual formation and spirituality Faith and the western culture Biblical world view Early church patristic history Comparative world religion Religious experience


Terry Briley
Professor of Biblical Studies


Academic Specialties
-- Hebrew/Jewish life
-- Old Testament

Other Topics
The Intertestamental period • Old Testament Law • Isaiah • Psalms • The book of Revelation

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Lee Camp
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies
Senior Faculty Fellow in the Center for International Peace and Justice
Academic Specialties
-- Christian Ethics
Other Topics
Theology of the Church • Social injustice • Christianity and war/peacemaking • Christianity and politics • Christianity in the arts • Music and theology • Church of Christ history • History and practice of non-violence in the church


Ken Durham
Batsell Barrett Baxter Chair of Preaching
Academic Specialties
-- Homiletics (study of preaching)
Other Topics
Changing styles in preaching • Preaching and communication techniques • Changing trends in the church today • proficiency of media usage in preaching • Preacher/minister training programs • Importance of preacher competency in counseling, cross-cultural communication, and conflict management • Christianity in popular culture • Humor and faith • Christian communication


George Goldman
Associate Professor of Bible

Academic Specialties
-- Biblical Studies
-- Theological Studies

Other Topics
The New Testament Church • Biblical languages • Greek • Hebrew

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Tom Seals
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

Academic Specialties
-- Old Testament Studies

Other Topics
Story of Israel • Story of Jesus • Story of the Church • Textual studies in Job, Isaiah, Proverbs, Hebrews, Revelation • Cost of Discipleship • God’s Word for Wounded Warriors (veterans study)

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Walter Surdacki
Assistant Professor
Academic Specialties
-- Youth ministry
Other Topics
Adolescent studies regarding suicide, substance abuse • Teenage behavior • Affects of society on the youth and youth ministry • Importance of counseling training for youth ministers • Family systems • Dealing with a teen-parent crisis • Cultural anthropology • Affects of broad culture on adolescents • Intercultural youth ministry and interaction