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Dodd Galbreath
Executive Director for Institute of Sustainable Practice
Assistant Professor of Sustainable Practice
Academic Specialties
-- Sustainable Practice
-- Environmental Policy
Other Topics
Urban planning • Natural resource policy  • Rural policy • Sustainable natural resources  • Sustainable society • Careers in sustainability  Green marketing Green products and services  Water resources and issues  Green building  • Sustainable agriculture • Interstate water distribution • Open lands planning • Green infrastructure • Sustainable storm-water management  • Environmental justice and policy • Green Business • National Environmental Policy Act
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Jenglish, jamesames English
Academic Director for the Institute for Sustainable Practice
Associate Professor of Sustainability.


Academic Specialties
-- Animal Ecology
-- Disease Ecology
-- Sustainable Consumer Product Analysis

Other Topics
West Nile virus • Disease management in high-risk situations  •  Ecological effects of deforestation and urbanization  •  Environmental impacts of manufacturing methods  •  Power of informed consumer choice and positive purchasing pressure  •  Habitat conservation  •  Population biology •  Endangered species  •  Natural selection  •  Sexual selection in animals  •  Program analysis  •  Curricula design and analysis

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