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Deborah Boyd
Interim Dean, College of Education
Director of Graduate Studies, Education
Associate Professor of Education
Academic Specialties
-- Curriculum and instruction
-- Educational leadership
Other Topics:
Smaller learning communities • College preparation and readiness • Assessment and data-driven instructuon • Foundational academic knowledge for students • Effective teaching strategies • Teacher leadership • Curriculum and instruction • School administration • Common Core Standards • State educational reform plans • Educational theory • Technology • Grants


Carole English
Director of Teacher Education and Assessment
Associate Professor of Education

Academic Specialties
-- Education Research
-- Education Assessment

Other Topics
Classroom organization and management • Public education • Principal leadership • Oral English • English and American literature • Elementary Education

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Junior High
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Associate Professor of Education
Academic Specialties
-- Student teaching and job placement
-- School administration K-6
Other Topics
Effective techniques for teaching poverty-stricken and inner city pupils  •  Value of service-learning in teacher education  •  Alternatives to testing for measuring student performance  •  Effectiveness of mentoring in teacher career guidance
Interesting Information
High teaches an annual class with Lipscomb students at a Native American reservation in South Dakota.


Karen Marklein
Program Director for Professional Learning at Ayers Institute


Academic Specialties
-- Educational Leadership
-- Public Education

Other Topics
British Literature • P.A.C.E. • Public Education • Educational Leadership • Common Core State Standards • Standards for Professional Learning • TEAM Certified Evaluator and Trainer (Teacher Quality) • Leadership Development • Professional Learning Communities • Instructional Coaching • Data Coaching • Curriculum Development

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Keith Nikolaus
Professor of Education
Academic Specialties
-- Teacher leadership
-- Classroom management
-- Educational assessment
Other Topics
Curriculum trends  •  Study skills  •  Alternative assessment  •  Educational innovation
Classroom dynamics  •  Educational technology  • Brain-based instruction


Hank Staggs
Director for M.Ed. Educational Leadership and M.Ed. Off-campus Cohorts

Associate Professor of Education


Academic Specialties
-- Educational Leadership
-- Leadership Coaching

Other Topics
Professional Accountability and School Law • Leadership and Interpersonal Relations for Administrators • Social/Political Issues in School & Community • Theory and Principles of Educational Administration • School Principalship

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Marcia Stewart
Professor of Education
Academic Specialties
-- Early childhood education
-- Primary school education
Other Topics
Teacher enhancement in learning strategies and effective curriculum  •  Character education  •  Application of current brain research on how children learn  •  Translating brain research into knowledge and valuable skills for pupils  •  Children’s literature, especially with multi-cultural themes


Carrie Thornthwaite
Professor of Education
Academic Specialties
 -- Online-learning for students K-12 through graduate school
Other Topics
Current instructional technology use in the classroom • On-line curriculum development • Growth in on-line education • Effectiveness of on-line education • Student services offered on-line  • Hands-on techniques for math and physics education 
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