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Roger Davis
Dean of College of Pharmacy
Professor of Pharmacy Practice
Academic Specialties
-- Pharmacoeconomics
-- Diabetes Management
-- Managed Care
-- Public Health Policy
Health Policy Topics
Pharmaceutical issues in managed care •  Public health policy, programs and services • Medicare Modernization Act • Managed care benefit programs • Managed care issues
Health Topics
Legislative Issues in Pharmacy • Medication therapy management • Health communications and patient counseling 


Scott Akers
Chair of Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Academic Specialties
-- Pharmacokinetics
-- Cardiovascular Pharmacology
-- Graduate Training
Other Topics
Generic Drugs  •  Drug equivalence (comparison of two drugs with the same ingredients)  •  Drug development  •  Cardiovascular issues such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol  •  Treatment guidelines for cardiovascular issues  •  Clinical pharmaceutical sciences  •  Clinical and experimental therapeutics  •  Pharmacokinetics (how the drugs we take effect the body)  •  Causes of side effects from ingesting prescription drugs


Elizabeth Breeden
Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice
Director of Masters of Health Care Informatics Program
Academic Specialties
-- Health Care Informatics
-- Electronic Health Records
-- Medication Therapy Management
Other Topics
Pharmacy Informatics Competencies  •  Consumer Health Informatics  •  Electronic Health Record  •  Clinical Decision Support  •  Health Information Exchange, Interoperability and Federal Regulations   •  Computerized Provider Order Entry  •  Electronic prescriptions  •  Medication use process  •  Vendor health care IT  •  Medication use and patient safety 


Zac Cox
Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice
Academic Specialties
-- Immunizations
-- Infectious Disease
Other Topics
Immunization training and certification  •  Vaccinations (efficacy/ medicinal/ adverse side-effects)  •  Logistics of formulation and distribution of vaccinations  •  Antibiotics  •  H1N1  •  Infectious disease  •  MRSA and other bacterial pathogens  •  Medication and treatment of infectious disease  •  Internal medicine  •  Pharmacist's role in the hospital  •  Cold medicines


Holli Dilks
Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Academic Specialties
-- Pharmacogenomics
HIV and BioterrorismTopics
Bioterrorism  •  Biodefense  •  Genetic analysis of HIV/AIDS  •  Antiretroviral medication for HIV/AIDS  •  HIV genetic resistance
Genetics Topics
Human genetics  •  Individual genetic responses to medicine  •  Development of customized medications  •  Genome sequencing  •  Gene mutations/variations and genetics  •  Genetics of Autism  •  Genetics of infectious disease  •  Population genetics  •  Health disparities in genetics


Susan Mercer
Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Academic Specialties
-- Medicial Chemistry
Other Topics
Drugs of abuse  •  Drug abuse and addiction  •  Medicinal chemistry (how drugs interact within the human body)  •  Drug design  • Drug discovery  •  Drug metabolism  •  Opioid analgesics (agents used to treat moderate to severe pain)  •  Opioid addiction treatment  •  Pharmacology of the central nervous system


Kam Nola
Vice Chair for the Department of Pharmacy Practice
Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice
Academic Specialties
-- Pharmacoeconomics
Health Policy Topics
Pharmaceutical issues in managed care, Medicare, and TennCare  •  State employee health benefits  •  Public health policy, programs and services  •  Medicare Modernization Act  •  Medicare Drug Benefit, reimbursement and limitations on coverage  •  Managed care benefit programs  •  Managed care issues
Health Topics
Tobacco health issues and policy  •  Rheumatology (arthritis)  •  Medication therapy management  •  Health communications and patient counseling  •  Health literacy  •  Motivational interviewing