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It’s way too easy to head home from a Christmas celebration with a few unwanted gifts you didn’t expect -- extra pounds from all the celebrating. But with a little self-discipline and a dose of creativity, anyone can fight off the holiday pounds.

Even if family commitments and Christmas parties throw off your exercise schedule, make time for 10-to-20 minute exercise sessions throughout the day or week. Get outside and rake some leaves or go for a quick walk around the neighborhood with the dog. Get out an old exercise video you haven’t used in a while. The key is make exercise FUN!

Here are some additional ways to make the holiday healthy from my co-workers in Lipscomb’s health sciences programs:


Looking to maintain your weight during the holidays? Try committing to “Meatless Mondays” from now until the end of the year.

Autumn Marshall, chair of the department of a family and consumer science and professor of nutrition

Sorry Starbucks, but I’ve got to advise limiting the holiday-flavored drinks. Pumpkin lattes, hot chocolate and peppermint mochas can be festive and good, but they pack a lot of calories. Make these drinks a special treat. Choose a smaller size with skim milk and skip the whipped cream!

Bethany Massey, director of health service

Deck the holidays with bowls of fiber! Collards, winter squash, beets, apples, sweet potatoes, turnips, pecans and mushrooms are all in season right now. This fare is featured at the Nashville Farmer’s Market during the holiday months. Consuming unprocessed, nutrient-rich foods can stave off holiday poundage giving you a head start with New Year’s resolutions.

Autumn Marshall

Choose your favorite foods deliberately, savoring the first bites and chewing each mouthful 20 times to create a taste sensation, a true sensory celebration. Gluttony and guilt prevail after mindlessly shoveling in copious amounts mediocre food. Save yourself from overconsumption and digestive problems with more mindful selections.

Karen Robichaud, director of the exercise and nutrition graduate program

Stop when you’re full! Don’t worry, if you didn't get to try everything you want at the meal, eat the leftovers at the next meal after a walk around the block.

Autumn Marshall


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