Five ways to give yourself the gift of health this Christmas

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Christmas is a time of non-stop fun, but all that fun can be pretty stressful sometimes. The best gift you may give this year is to stop and focus on your own health for a little while each day. A healthy, rested body will make the good times over Christmas even better!

Check out my list of five ways you can stay healthy and stress-free during the holidays, collected from Lipscomb’s health sciences faculty and staff:



1.) To get the most out of the season, use all of your senses, not just taste, to slow down and savor the indulgent foods during the holidays.

     Denis Thomas, assistant professor in psychology and counseling
2.) Do like the Kennedys. Model your Christmas Day after the Kennedys’ with a backyard touch football game. Find other ways to incorporate activity into your holiday traditions whether it’s hiking at Radnor Lake; participating in a 5K run/walk; or establishing a family ping-pong or Wii tennis tournament. Boost spirits and energy levels by fostering active holidays.
      Karen Robichaud, director of the exercise and nutrition program
3.) Plan, Plan, Plan! Plan what you’re going to eat and factor it in BEFORE the Christmas parties. Don’t get caught starving at the party and then eating lots of unhealthy foods because you didn't eat lunch.

      Anna Rose Anderson, director of the university’s employee wellness plan and instructor in kinesiology
4.) Consider parking as far away from the stores as possible whenever you go Christmas shopping, You’ll get more exercise and every calorie you burn will help you maintain your weight over the holiday. Get out and hit the stores rather than shopping on your computer. The more you move, the better off you’ll be! (And the better you’ll fit into your new clothes after the holiday.

        Karen Robichaud

5.) Don’t forget to drink plenty of water (It’s calorie-free!) during the holiday season, Tired of plain old water? Get some low-calorie hot chocolate mix available at any grocery store and mix it with hot water instead of milk to further reduce the calorie content.

      Denis Thomas


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