Red Cross shelter set up to house residents of Parthenon Towers

By Kim Chaudoin on 5/22/2012


Late Monday night the Red Cross opened an emergency shelter at Lipscomb University to house residents of the Parthenon Towers who had to leave their apartments due to recent fires and electrical problems at the facility.

Twenty students along with staff and Red Cross volunteers worked through the night to set up the shelter in the Student Activities Center and to serve the more than 172 guests who spent the night there. Many of these guests are seniors and more than half are disabled citizens.

At this time, Red Cross officials do not know how long the shelter will be open, but anticipate that it could be open through Wednesday evening. Parthenon Tower residents will be able to return as soon as the fire marshal deems it safe. All activities on the Lipscomb campus, including several local high school graduation rehearsals and ceremonies, will take place as scheduled.

The Parthenon Towers is a metro government-run apartment housing complex for seniors and disabled citizens located near Centennial Park in Nashville.

Because of the number of guests in the shelter and the unique needs of our guests, we need your help today and possibly tomorrow. At any given time, we need at least a dozen volunteers to assist the Red Cross throughout the day and especially at meal times. We need volunteers who can work for just an hour or up to a full shift and everything in between. Volunteers are needed to help with registration, serve meals and a variety of other needs that will help make this experience as comfortable as possible for our guests.

To volunteer, please email