Best-selling author of 'Fireproof' novelization speaks to freshmen seminar class

By Janel Shoun on 10/18/2011



Eric Wilson, best-selling author of the film novelization “Fireproof,” recently spoke to a group of Lipscomb University freshmen who studied his mystery novel, “The Best of Evil,” in their freshmen seminar class.
Wilson, author of 11 novels with a 12th on the way, is a Nashville resident and writes mystery and supernatural novels for the Christian book market. He was also tapped to write the novelizations of each of the Sherwood Pictures films: “Fireproof,” “Facing the Giants” and “Flywheel.” Sherwood released its fourth film “Courageous” earlier this fall.
The Lipscomb students are members of math professor Gary Hall’s freshmen seminar course, Lipscomb’s interdisciplinary approach to English composition 101. Hall focuses his seminar on problem-solving, so mystery novels provide a good exercise for the students, he said.
Wilson took up writing when, soon after marrying, he and his wife analyzed what they had always wanted to do with their lives since childhood. For him, it was writing. For her, it was singing. They knew neither pursuit would make them much money, but they decided to at least attempt it, so they wouldn’t live their lives with regret, he said.
Eleven books later Wilson has written a vampire trilogy based in Biblical history, two supernatural novels about characters facing their inner demons and the Aramis Black series, which includes “The Best of Evil.” Aramis runs a coffee shop in Nashville and is forced to face his past life mistakes and family when a murder occurs in his shop.
Wilson’s goal in all his writing is to make people think about relationship with God vs. religion, he told the students. “I’m trying to get at what freedom really is in life and in relationships,” he said. “I’m trying to find freedom in the midst of all the realities we face.”
In addition to living in Nashville, Wilson’s character Aramis Black also has a connection to Lipscomb… but you’ll have to read the book to see more.