Our Mission

There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. - Galatians 3:28

The Office of Intercultural Engagement and Development mission is to assist students by serving as their advocate and mentor, to equip students with positive coping skills and to provide a safe-haven of belonging for students. Our office is committed to fostering an inclusive environment for students by striving to ensure the participation of Lipscomb's under-represented students in university life.

Kappa Iota Theta

The office of Intercultural Development sponsors a student run organization called Kappa Iota Theta (Connecting Intercultural Ties) whose mission is to unify, uplift and educate the student body by providing programming to advance cultural competency on campus.

Some of Kappa Iota Theta activities include:

  • Fall Fiesta
  • Talent Show
  • Fashion Show
  • Speaker Series
  • Cultural Conversations
  • International Square Fair
  • Cultural Celebration Months

Our Goal

IED aims to unify, uplift and educate the student body. To increase the cultural diversity on campus the Office of Multicultural Affairs is dedicated to connecting with students in three specific areas:

  • Spiritual : Engage in spiritual activities that will enhance student experience on campus
  • Educational: Invite educators, activists and community leaders to campus to enhance our knowledge on diverse facts 
  • Social: Provide programming such as “Friendship Dinners” and “Cultural Celebration Week” that will aid students to connect by sharing their culture and heritage with one another


  • Coordinate community service projects
  • Coordinate events centered around Cultural Celebration
  • Coordinate events for Black History
  • Coordinate events for Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Coordinate Friendship Dinner
  • Develop Cultural Celebration Week
  • Develop cultural competency workshops for faculty, staff and students
  • Develop Diversity Academic Award Ceremony
  • Develop peer tutoring program LINKS
  • Develop speaker series to enrich professional development and to enhance cultural awareness
  • Expose students to museums and art exhibits in other cities
  • Pre-College Programming for Nashville Community

Our Commitment

We are committed to fulfilling these three major goals by the following:

  • Assisting in recruitment and retention of minority and international students
  • Coordinating programs and services that support the development of minority and international students
  • Creating a positive, campus-wide atmosphere where all groups appreciate the need for and the benefits of ethnic and cultural diversity