HEAL 1I am often asked this question, “Would you rather 10 people give HEAL Ministries the money that they spend on a mission trip, OR would you rather the 10 people show up to serve?” Great question! Ten people usually spend an average of $3500 each to come to Uganda. That is $35,000 that would actually go a long way!

And yet, my answer is the same after years and years of leading and hosting a team. 100% of the time, my answer is...”SEND THE TEAM!” This year, Lipscomb University sent a team of 8 people to serve at the James Place in Jinja, Uganda. While I’m quite sure that the Lord blessed them more than they even realize, the blessings on this end continue. I see abandoned women and children smiling when a team member encourages them. I see a child laughing while a team member plays soccer with him. I see a woman smiling and connecting with a team member and the team member HEAL 2doesn’t even know that her husband just left her to be with another family and that her baby died a month ago.

I see HOPE through the eyes of the team members. I see Jesus in the skin and I see that more than ever, our Creator was brilliant. He created us to be in relationship with each other and He created people to travel across the world to give hope and spread encouragement to the nations.

That is exactly what the Lipscomb team did. They came, they sang, they smiled, they created art and they gave out over flowing cups of encouragement and hope every single day that they were here. They never tired of it. Just as God never tires of us, they continued day by day teaching songs and art that gave the women and the children pure joy. It gave them joy because they began to see through art, that they could express their story through a song or through a piece of art. And their story doesn’t end with abandonment and death. It ends with HOPE. Hope that this team brought across the world because of love.


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