Three Januarys ago, I took Ann Voskamp's (author of New York Times' bestseller One Thousand Gifts) dare to write down a thousand blessings in one year. I liked that first year so much, that I've kept going - kept carrying a little journal around with me and writing down the good and the beautiful that I notice. I write down these gifts to say thank you to the Father who gives them - but it's also nice to have all my favorite moments in a little book at the end of the year. The sounds of spring, the tastes of summer, the scents of autumn, then Christmas - and the beauty and British-ness of a trip to Dundee. 

2,212: Going to the wrong passenger side of a British carScotland 1

2,224: Strong wind off Scotland's coast

2,225: Green and grey and blue

2,235: A gentleman reading his newspaper in the window with his glasses far down on his nose

2.251: Finding the Smith tartan

2,255: Scones and cream and jam for breakfast

2.256: Scottish fields ready for planting

We go to Dundee to borrow thirteen-year-olds from their math and French classes and tell them about our Savior, and how He knows their name, and why we love Him. But my favorite part of our time in Scotland - the blessings for which I am most grateful - is the community of our church family there. It is constant and intergenerational and selfless, and we get to enjoy it on these mission trips, when we stay in the church's homes and share their meals and read to their children. We talk constantly and intentionally - and preferably over coffee or tea. 

Scotland 22,216: White tights on plump little legs

2,217: Sharing a room with the professor

2,219: Delivering letters from friends back home

2,220: Whispering goodnights

2,226: Little Sara running to hug me

2,228: Bernard wearing Tuesday socks on a Friday

2,229: Watching Dr. Lavender play with Georgie

2,230: Children's books on the end of my bedScotland 4

2,234: Billy light-sabering with Levi and not going easy on him

2,238: Vanilla beans trailing down the glass Costa cup

2,239: Fluffy dogs with underbites

2,241: The chance to talk about God things

2,246: Tiny, thin slices of homemade pizzaScotland 3

2,247: A night of all kinds of laughter, and also tea

2,252: Beki teasing me

2,254: Bernard delivering mince pies to the car

2,257: Packing in the van to eat our fish & chips

2,258: Witnessing the start of a girl's walk with God

2,260: Gemma's laugh

Thank You, Father, for Scotland, for community, and for Love that crosses oceans.


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