Sain 1To say that service is limited to just one or two specific areas is to limit the possibilities of how a group of Christians can come together to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus. Thanks to the passion shown by Lipscomb alumni for loving on college students and the overwhelming support of Lipscomb, there is a trip that takes place every year where a team of all guys enter in to an area that isn't what might be considered the normal arena for service. I have had the privilege the past two years to go on this mission trip to Panama City Beach to just simply be Christ to fellow college students and love them in as many ways as we can. 

What’s beautiful about this trip is the way that each day, and every year, is different from those that came before. Each day we get to wake up and simply ask one question: What does God have for us today? And we then get to sit back and enjoy watching the answer to that question unfold. This year, the answer to that question looked like this: Staying up until 8:00 am with a random guy who walked in our room strung out on drugs until he sobered up, but two days later staying up until 4:00 am eating pizza and talking about the beauty of nature and how God’s hand is throughout all of it because he wants to be a park ranger after college. It looked like making a “Box of the South” for friends we made Sain 3from North Dakota who wanted to remember the south and having them come to tears at how we were treating them. It looked like sitting by the pool and becoming friends with a preacher’s daughter who couldn't thank us enough for how we were going about taking a trip like this and that same girl introducing us to her friends because she wanted them to be able to talk with us. It looked like countless other stories of showing love to those who think they don’t deserve it.

With each day, God gave a different answer. Everyday we had a chance to not just tell about Christ but to show Christ to those we came across. Getting to laugh and cry with so many different people are easily some of the best stories of my life. One of the best things about God is the freedom he gives us to serve in his kingdom in so many different and, sometimes, weird ways. Service is anywhere we can extend the love of Christ. For nearly a decade, the PCB team has been kind of a weird way to serve. The Church feels weird about being at the party, the world feels weird that the Church is standing by, ready to serve them - which is why, in this case, weird works well.


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