City of Children (Summer)

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June 2017  |  $950

A few hours south of the California/Mexico border you will find in Ensenada, Mexico a place known as the City of Children. It is an children's home, but not just any children's home. The City of Children, the parent organization of Baja Missions, was created to save the troubled children of Mexico from poverty and abuse and raise them in a loving Christian environment so that they can come to know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Currently, 104 children, ranging from from infants to teens and college age, call the City of Children home. Many Mexican children have been saved and hearts have been touched around the world because of God's refuge for his children in Ensenada, Mexico. 

This seventh-year summer mission effort is led by Rob and Chara Regg. The team consists of students, alumni, and friends of the university and serves as an opportunity for us to provide additional support and love to the City of Children, much in the same manner as our longstanding spring break mission trip.