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With more than 26 nations represented in Nashville, you can experience another culture without even leaving the city! This year we will be partnering with the local refugee resettlement organization World Relief to create an invaluable resource.

Currently, refugees are required to hear certain pieces of information within the first few weeks of their arrival. Right now, 75 pages of brand new information is imparted to newly arrived refugees over the span of two hours. We will take those 75 pages and create a 4-week series of lessons in which we impart that same information, but also expand it so that we can teach English simultaneously.

The two weeks before Spring Break will be our first two classes, and the two weeks after Spring break our last two classes. During Spring Break we will be doing some hands-on teaching by getting library cards, visiting the Post Office, and other learning fields trips (with a few fun Nashville things in the mix as well).

No teaching experience necessary, just know how to speak English and have a heart for serving the aliens among us!


Trip Details

Dates: March 17-21, 2014
Location: Nashville, TN
Capacity: 15
Sign-up Method: Application Availability: Open
Approximate Cost: $150
Trip Established: 2007


Team Leader

Cara Harris

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