Guatemala (Med)

This trip is a medical mission partnering with Health Talents International working with and ministering to the K'ekchi' Indians on the coast. They will be doing daily medical clinics to rural villages throughout the week. The group will travel around and see some of Guatemala, returning to Guatemala City near the conclusion of the mission.

The following was written by Katie Leaver, a Lipscomb student who participated in the 2003 trip.

My life was completely changed by going to Guatemala. The day that we walked down into the garbage dump, I was blown away by what I saw. I could have never imagined that children would actually be living in garbage. I would have never thought that people would dig through piles and piles of trash to find the extremely small amounts of food that they get to eat. Yet, these kids come to SCHOOL with a smile on their face, as if their lives were wonderful. They have so much joy, and they don't complain about the little petty things in life like I find myself doing. Just seeing their faces makes me want to help them as much as I can, because they are the little children that God holds in the highest place.


Trip Details

Dates: March 14-22, 2014
Location: Clinica Ezell
Capacity: 20
Sign-up Method: Application Availability: Full
Approximate Cost: $1,500
Trip Established: 2003

Team Leader

Alan Bradshaw


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