Summer Mission Teams 

AZ intro

Arizona (Navajo)

This team will travel to Kayenta, Arizona and partner with the Kayenta Church of Christ to share Jesus, build relationships, and meet the needs of people in the Navajo Nation through outreach, bible studies, gardening/irrigation, etc...(more)

Brisbane intro


This team is comprised of students who have a passion for people and building sustainable relationships over a long period of time with the churches and people of Brisbane, Australia. The team focuses its efforts on being a light to people of all ages...(more)

city sum intro

City of Children (Sum)

A few hours south of the California/Mexico border you will find in Ensenada, Mexico a place known as the City of Children. It was created to save troubled children of Mexico from poverty and abuse and raise them in a loving Christian environment so they can come to know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ...(more)

East TN SNC 2

East TN (Special Needs)

This new team will serve with a Christian summer camp for families who have a child with a special need or disability. During the day you will provide assistance and friendship to your "buddy" with a disability while their parents attend seminars and spend time being rejuvenated with one another. Your job is simply to be a friend, giving the gift of your time and Christ's love...(more)

Ghana intro


The Village of Hope in Ghana, West Africa is home to approximately 250 children. Children of all ages are brought to the orphanage from off the streets, abusive/dangerous living conditions, and even rescued from child slavery. This team's purpose is to love and build long-term relationships with the children, house parents, and staff members of the Village of Hope...(more)

GB Greece intro

Great Britain/Greece/Albania

The purpose of this long-running effort is to help the youth programs and encourage the Christians in the UK. We stay in the members' homes and fall in love with the families and the children. The objectives and activities will include Vacation Bible Schools, church camps and general aid to the UK congregation...(more)

Guate eng intro

Guatemala (Engineering)

Two teams of students from the College of Engineering will aid in community development efforts in remote communities of Guatemala through the design and implementation of water projects, bridges, and solar power...(more)

India intro


This team will visit, serve, and encourage various local ministries in Delhi and Mumbai including Tamar Ministries (women's ministry/trafficking) and Asha Mission (orphanage)...(more)

Kenya intro


This mission team will walk alongside the ministry of Made in the Streets, based in Nairobi, Kenya. The work of Made in the Streets begins by seeking out and finding kids just as they are, and offering them a new life free from glue, drugs, stealing and hunger...(more)

LST intro

Let's Start Talking

Serve on an LST team in a location in one of 25 different countries with a small team of 3-4. You will be living in a new culture, making new friends, and having meaningful conversations about faith every day...(more)

Malawi Nursing intro

Malawi (Nursing)

A small number of students and faculty from the School of Nursing will provide assistance to Blessings Hospital in Malawi in conjunction with the Landmark Church of Christ in Alabama and the Sara Walker Foundation...(more)

NY (Summer) intro

New York (Shiloh)

Serving as a follow-up to our Spring Break ministry in the South Bronx, this second year team will again work with Camp Shiloh. The summer trip looks a little different than spring break, as team members spend half the week serving at the camp itself and the other half in the schools...(more)

NorCal intro


The main focus of this team will be to encourage the local church in Patterson, a small agricultural city located about 75 miles outside of San Francisco, through preaching, Bible study, and fellowship. They will also spend a few days with San Francisco City Impact serving those in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco...(more)

Northern Ireland intro

Northern Ireland

This team serves alongside the Revival In Our Town (RIOT) ministry. RIOT's mission is to build up the village of Dundrum, Northern Ireland from within through building positive relationships with children and teens via VBS, kids club, daily youth nights, mentoring sessions, coffee bar conversations, and athletics...(more)

Peru intro

Peru (Med)

A medical mission trip to Lima, Peru, this team will work with the Lucyana Church of Christ to set up Bible studies, hold a revival, facilitate a VBS and run a free medical clinic and pharmacy with American and Peruvian doctors. Students will be rotated throughout the clinic serving doctors and dentists, and working in triage and the pharmacy....(more)

saba intro

Saba (Sum)

This is the 12th year a Lipscomb team is going to the Dutch island of Saba. The team's goal is to strengthen families, teach morality, and encourage works of service among the residents. They strive to encourage meaningful and trusting relationships within the community through Bible studies, school activities, and community projects...(more)



San Francisco

This team will partner with San Francisco City Impact for evangelism and outreach in "The Tenderloin", an inner-city neighborhood with a large homeless population. SFCI's mission is to intervene on behalf of those in the inner-city, both physically and spiritually. The team will support and assist their daily ministry and activities with a specific focus on sharing Jesus in the local community...(more)

Uganda intro


In Uganda, Lipscomb partners with the Nashville-based HEAL Ministries to serve abandoned women and children with a unique creative arts ministry program...(more)


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