Earn SALT Credit on a Mission Trip!

Did you know that you can earn Tier III SALT credit through your involvement in a mission trip? Over the last several years Lipscomb’s Missions and SALT programs have formed a partnership that has allowed us to collaborate in ways that have enriched both of our programs and enhanced service-learning and missions experiences. This year we will provide you with the opportunity to "opt-in" to participate in service-learning as a part of any winter break, spring break, or summer mission trip.

Students who are interested may opt-in during mission trip registration (via the registration form) to participate in a service-learning experience and then must register for a zero-credit, zero-cost course. Connected to this course will be a reflection guide consisting of six prompts that you will complete before (two), during (two), and after (two) your mission trip. This guide will be facilitated by the SALT Program through Blackboard. (You will not be required to access the internet during your mission trip.)

All traditional undergraduate students must complete two service-learning experiences before graduation. One experience must come from Tiers II or III.  No more than one experience can come from Tier I. View the pyramid and description below for more details:

Tier I
SALT Sponsored Service Day (QUEST Service Day, Spring Service Day)
Tier II
SALT Course
Tier III
SALT Internship
SALT Enhanced Missions Experience
Tier IV
SALT Capstone Project.

Please contact Cara Harris (cara.harris@lipscomb.edu or 615.966.5772) with any questions or for additional information.


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