New York City

March 2016  |  $750  |  Evan Richardson (email)  |  15 spots  |  Apply Now!

This is the 14th year Lipscomb has had the opportunity to travel to New York City to work with Shiloh in the public school system on spring break. Throughout the week you will be helping Public School 179 in whatever capacity they need. The mission work will consist of working with/tutoring elementary school students on a one-on-one basis in New York City public schools as well as working within the classes your student is in. The kids and teachers are in need of vast amounts of love. For the most part you will be tutoring the students in math and reading as they prepare for state testing and spend much of the day in the classrooms. You will also be organizing a Wednesday night program at the church for the children and teenagers of the community.

New York City is a diverse and constantly changing city comprised of millions of people. The Bronx is a suburb on the upper east side of the city. 1 in 24 children lives with neither parent. Every 6 minutes a baby is born to an unmarried mother. Every 23 minutes a baby is born to a teenage mother. Every 5 hours a baby dies during the first year of life. Every 39 seconds a public school student is suspended from school. Every 7 minutes a child is reported abused or neglected.