March 2016  |  $1,300  |  TBD  |  27 spots  |  Application

In the spring of 2001, there were approximately 50 Lipscomb University students on a waiting list to serve the Lord over their spring break. Most of them waited to be contacted thinking they would be able to participate in a spring break mission trip... but, there was no place for them to go.

Many people prayed from that time on for more opportunities to serve and share the Gospel over spring break. The Jamaica spring break mission team is a direct result of these prayers. With its 30 members, the team has traveled to Morant Bay, Jamaica each year since 2001 to participate in evangelism efforts and other areas of service from visiting the sick to manual labor projects alongside church members, and everything in between.

Michael Dehaney is the preacher at the Morant Bay Church of Christ. The church has several members and is truly reflective of the church family talked about in the Bible. God is so evident in each member of the church by their unbelievable hospitality, friendliness, and happiness. Everyday is different and somewhat unpredictable. We will do whatever we can to serve the Lord.


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