Mumbai. In the center of this prayer circle is Simran, a sister who left her life of prostitution and was persecuted for her decision to follow Christ. Last year Simran's hands were badly burned by others who did not want Simran doing the work of the Lord. In this prayer, the team was thanking God for His providence, specifically because Simran was able to receive the necessary surgeries that allow her to use both of her hands once again.


Mumbai. One night, the team took an evening trip to a feeding center for street children in Versova. The feeding center provides children with one meal a day, usually rice and a hard boiled egg, and uses their pre-meal time hours to teach them songs and stories about Jesus and the Bible's teachings. While it is difficult to look into the children's eyes and see the physical hunger, it is encouraging to see and feel the spiritual hunger that these kids display for the Word and for Christian love. (Matthew 25:35).


Delhi. Team leaders Roger Wiemers, Brittney Wood, and Tim Mehta join host partner Mrs. Sharma of Asha Mission orphanage visiting a leper community. The Lipscomb team spent the day visiting and praying with various individuals with leprosy, many whom have been separated from their families and cast out of society.


Delhi. These two girls now have hope thanks to the ministry of Asha Mission, which serves as a place of refuge and care to children through education, access to healthcare, spiritual development, and a consistent source of nutrition.


Roger Wiemers, team leader and co-founder of the Tamar Ministry, listens to the story of a girl who has been rescued from a trafficking situation. In this moment, Asha was translating the girl's heart cries regarding her recent diagnosis of HIV. Many of the Tamar Ladies with HIV have been forsaken by their families and cannot find decent work. The Lipscomb team loved on these ladies and reminded them that they have brothers and sisters in Christ and that even though some of their families had turned their backs on them, their Heavenly Father never would.


Wiemers, a professor in Lipscomb’s College of Education, helps Thalu with his homework for the day. Sometimes meaningful mission work looks like a tearful prayer or giving food to the hungry, and sometimes it looks like a math equation with Hindi instructions.


Delhi. Her sweet eyes tell the story of a hard life while additional hardships, joys and changes still lie ahead. While the Lipscomb team visited and prayed with believers in the leper colony, this little girl was their shadow. As the child of parents with leprosy, she may be sent to live with relatives or to an orphanage once she reaches a certain age.


Ramlal, one of the older boys at the Asha Mission home, draws a pencil portrait of Lipscomb team member and sophomore Taylor Bohanan. All of the orphans have amazing personalities and talents of their own and the Lipscomb team enjoyed highlighting those talents and getting to know each child on a personal level.


Mumbai. Grace Home kids Siri and Renu sit with sophomore Taylor Bohanan and play with sophomore Jazmyne McGill's braids. As some of the very few Westerners in India, the Lipscomb team was stared at everywhere they went, but no one received more stares than Jazmyne. Her braids were an instant show stopper! All the Indians wanted to touch, feel, pull, and examine them nonstop!


Mumbai. One of the new things on the trip this year was a two-day VBS for children of the women involved with the Tamar Ministry. These children had never experienced anything like a VBS before and they loved it! We planned for 40 kids--110 and came and some even had to be turned away at the door, once again bringing new life to scriptures such as Matthew 9:37.


Mumbai. Each year the Lipscomb team partners with the Tamar Ministry in Mumbai, India. The Tamar Ministry reaches out to women in prostitution and also rescues girl who have been sold or tricked into sex trafficking. This is a group photo of the leaders of the Tamar ladies with the Lipscomb team members: Gabby Maury, Jazmyne McGill, Maci Malone, Tim Mehta, Roger Wiemers, Amelia Rahbar, Brittney Wood and Taylor Bohanan.


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