IcecreamaLUza 2012: More Than Just a Sweet Treat
by Hailey Bryant, Journalist Intern


icecream1Lipscomb’s annual IcecreamaLUza had quite the turnout as more than 150 of the new freshmen and transfer students flooded Shamblin Theatre to get a better look at the mission trips offered throughout the next year. The room buzzed with all of the new and enthusiastic students striking up conversations about the different trips and opportunities that lay ahead of them. Being new to Lipscomb holds many exciting firsts, and the new class was eager to learn more about serving the world others through missions before diving into a plethora of homemade ice cream and paletas.   

While many of the attendees came with very little knowledge of our program, some were hardly new to Lipscomb sponsored trips. Freshman Jessica Wright has already been on two trips but is excited to hear about the others, saying, “I would love to go on more!” Lots of students came with an idea of where they would like to go, as well. Freshman Rebecca Klaas was interested in hearing more about the Haiti trip, having always wanted to see the beautiful country. Elizabeth Woytach, a sophomore transfer and engineering major, heard about a possible engineering trip to Guatemala and came to learn even more about the exciting opportunity to serve with fellow engineering students.

With over forty-five mission options available, one would assume that a newcomer may find the selection to be quite overwhelming, but that was not the case with freshman Elias Magaña. Very interested in starting another trip, the ambitiousicecream2 new student explained his reasoning for wanting a mission trip to Monterrey, Mexico, saying, “I have a huge passion for the orphans of Mexico and I want to continue my service with Lipscomb.” Everyone seemed to be very excited about the idea of global service and eventually settled into their seats for the night of inspirational guest speakers and personal accounts.

Student testimonies packed a particularly powerful punch as our prospects absorbed what an impact these trips could have on them through the stories of their peers. Senior Zach Brantley explained his missionary experiences in Brisbane and Honduras as well as his summer internship in Australia.  The effect that his experiences had on him was easy to see as he conveyed the ways in which he discovered how the Spirit works within the world, saying “It’s not about us or how many houses we built. Through going on these trips, I’ve seen how the nature of the Kingdom is a global thing.”

Another heavily involved senior, Lydia Buckley, also expressed how Lipscomb mission trips have impacted her throughout her time here. Serving in Cozumel throughout the past three years, Buckley has been forever changed by the community she got to know, realizing that God shows up in the unlikeliest of places. She explained, “Don’t expect the little things to be little. Small moments were where I realized how big God is.” Through the powerful accounts of their fellow students, those in attendance began to imagine just how they might fiticecream3 into the bigger picture of Lipscomb Missions.

Before the night came to a close, the mission hopefuls got to experience the wonderfully stirring invite to get involved from the Village of Hope’s very own director, Fred Asare. Ending the event on an undeniable provoking note, Asare reached out to the audience, as he expressed that “We cannot leave the world as it is today, but you may be the one who can bring the change that we desperately need.”

If you are a new student and were not able to attend IcecreamaLUza, click here to download the brochure that includes next steps on how you can become involved!


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