Diligent Donors, Faithful Servants

By Hailey Bryant, Journalist Intern on 2/11/2014


Terrys 3Over the past 12 years Lipscomb Missions grown immensely in its outreach, with over 700 volunteers mobilized on more than 50 trips each year. However, none of the growth would be possible without the generosity of donors like Josh and Mandi Terry. These two Lipscomb alums hold the university close to their hearts, evident by their continued donations and praise of the missions program.

Tennessee natives, Josh grew up in East Tennessee, with Mandi spending her childhood growing up in Nashville. Both shared a similar upbringing in the Christian faith as well, Josh sharing that his parents were great examples. Friends and church members led the couple to Lipscomb in the fall of 1997, a place where they would come to know the impact of missions first hand as they served on trips during college.

Mandi, a former elementary school teacher, found herself going just about anywhere, as she shares, “I would jump on any trip, honestly, that I could get on.” She served on mission teams every spring break, including both the UK-London and City of Children trips. When asked what she remembers most from her time spent serving, she says, without hesitation, that is was continually the children. “I’ve always had a love for children, which is why I went into teaching - you just desire to give them something,” Mandi shares. 

Terrys 2Throughout college Josh served in Haiti through his home church in Johnson City. He and his father spent their time building churches, an experience that greatly shaped his faith and intensified a bond between father and son.  “Being on a mission trip with my dad was extremely special, because I saw a side of my dad that I had not ever seen before.”

After graduating from Lipscomb in 2001, Josh and Mandi got married and have since had three kids, thus becoming quite busy with a young family, which has made it more challenging to serve on mission teams together. Wanting to remain a part of Lipscomb Missions, they made the decision early in their marriage become regular donors, making it possible for other college students to go on mission trips like they once did. “It’s tough to find time right now to go, but the passion for missions is there,” Josh says, “As alums who are now donors, to give someone the chance to go on a mission trip is a privilege for us; it is something that we are extremely passionate about and honored to have the means to do.” Mandi adds, “For us right now, giving money is easy. With the life stage we are in, it’s the time that’s the hard part.”

“Josh and Mandi have been faithful monthly supporters of Lipscomb Missions for over a decade now,” says Mark Jent, Director of Missions Outreach. “Not only have they consistently sent in a donation, but they have been spiritually and emotionally supportive as well often checking in to ask the latest news or asking what they can be praying for.”

Terrys 1The Terry’s look forward to the day they are able to take their own kids on mission trips. Knowing the impact that serving together can have on a family, Josh longs for the day when he can share a similar bond saying, “What my dad and I did together in Haiti is something I hope to experience as a father myself with my own children.”

Josh and Mandi Terry wholeheartedly believe in the vision and purpose of Lipscomb Missions. They believe in the impact that occurs as Lipscomb teams serve alongside host partners across the country and around the world. They believe in the impact that serving thru missions has in the lives of college students as they oftentimes become transformed themselves.

The Terry’s encourage others to join them by also investing in the lives of those impacted by the ministry of Lipscomb Missions. For more information on how you can financially support, you can contact TJ McCloud at 615.966.6050 or tj.mccloud@lipscomb.edu.