Grade 8
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Course Listings

  • Algebra 1 Honors
    This is a high school honors course offered to eighth grade students who completed seventh grade Advanced PreAlgebra with at least an 87 average and have been recommended by the seventh grade faculty.  A traditional mathematics curriculum is used.  Major topics include algebraic laws and properties, the real number system, linear equations and inequalities, systems of linear equations and inequalities, and an investigation of polynomials with a focus on quadratics.  All topics include statistical and geometrical applications and contain an emphasis on problem solving.  Use of a TI-83 calculator is taught and expected.  Upon successful completion of this course the student will receive a high school honors math credit.
  • Band
    Students in 8th grade band continue to develop strong musical skills through resources such as method books and high quality music literature. The 7th grade and 8th grade band students have a combined class forming the Middle School Concert Band which performs multiple times each year, including the Christmas and Spring concerts, MTSBOA Concert Adjudication and Evening With The Arts. Eighth grade students also have the opportunity to participate in the High School Pep Band, MTSBOA All Mid-State Festival and various Solo and Ensemble events.
  • Bible
    “The Christian Walk”–Course Description.  A goal of “The Christian Walk” is to take the information of the Bible (i.e. facts, stories, etc.) and show students how to apply and use this information in their lives.  Another goal is for students to begin to see the Bible as “one big story”….The Story of God and His intentional pursuit of man to reconcile His and man’s perfect love relationship. Students will be encouraged to find their place in God’s Story and make their story God’s story.
  • Chorus
    The 7th & 8th Grade Choral curriculum is based on the national Music Standards, the text book, “Essentials of Musicianship,” and 40-50 students singing SAB and SATB music in a variety of styles and languages. Performances include Middle School “Middle Tennessee Vocal Association” (MTVA) events, Choral Festivals, Christmas Programs, “Evening with the Arts” in the Spring, and several Chapel times throughout the year. The DLMS 7th  & 8th  Grade Chorus has received Superior Ratings at Adjudication in both performance and sight-reading for the past 4 years.
  • Language Arts
    Eighth grade language arts has four areas of focus: reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary.   The literature covered includes The Giver, an introduction to Greek mythology, Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Accelerated Reader.  Grammar study focuses on grammar basics: the eight parts of speech, parts of a sentence emphasizing the seven noun functions, verb tenses and conjugation, and diagramming of both simple and compound sentences.  Writing projects vary from a short letter to grandparents to a thirty page "letter to self" project, but the Hamburger Model of organization is stressed for both paragraphs and essays. Eighth grade DLMS students write several multi-paragraph expository essays throughout the year in preparation for the ERB writing assessment in March. Vocabulary study is a  new series called Latin Morphemes Lessons by Alene Harris, which teaches students to recognize several hundred words based on their connection to over 300 Latin roots, prefixes, and suffixes.  Class discussion and interaction are high priorities in language arts at this level.
  • Physical Education (PE)
    For 7th and 8th grade, Physical Education at David Lipscomb builds on the ideas learned in early middle school.  In addition to in-depth units on team sports, physical fitness is emphasized.  Students learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise.
  • Pre-Algebra
    This course is an overview of middle grade mathematics with the purpose of transitioning the student from arithmetic to algebraic thinking. There is  a focus on problem solving, including expressing word problems using algebraic language.   The topics covered include the real number system, the geometry of shapes and solids, the relationship between percents, fractions and decimals, estimation, algebraic laws and principles, simplifying expressions, solving equations, and basic statistics.
  • Science
    8th grade Physical science is the study of physics and chemistry.  In this class, we have four engineering workbooks that we will use along with a chemistry book.  This is a lab based class and will be very hands on.  I use a variety of methods other than the textbook to disseminate information to the students.  Some of these include handouts, PowerPoint presentations, and the engineering workbooks.
  • Spanish (Exploratory)
    In Exploratory Spanish we work to expand on the students’ prior knowledge about languages and culture. Using our curriculum, Exploring Spanish, we enable the students to communicate in the target language on a very basic level with a focus on building vocabulary. It is also important to demonstrate the importance of studying a foreign language and its uses in both our local and global communities and how that relates to our Christian walk. The students will explore these issues through classroom and at home activities and discussions and through cultural awareness projects.
  • United States History
    This course is an introduction to United States History from Beginnings through Reconstruction (sometimes referred to as U.S. History I). It is intended to be a transition into the study of history at the high school level, and uses the subject matter of U.S. history to learn reading, writing, analysis, critical thinking, research and other skills. The subject matter focuses on the origins of the United States including prominent personalities, cause and effect, conflict, technology, and the connections that this time period has to modern daily lives, as well as wrestling with the morality of decisions made by those who came before us.
  • Visual Art
    Students in 8th grade make three main projects that include a two point perspective architectural drawing, an iMmovie presentation using stop motion animation, and an artwork using mixed media after the artist Romero Bearden. Students will have more freedom and responsibility to work after given requirements for each large project. The goal is for students to take ownership of their own growth as an artist.


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