Grade 7
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Course Listings

  • Chorus
  • The 7th & 8th Grade Choral curriculum is based on the national Music Standards, the text book, “Essentials of Musicianship,” and 40-50 students singing SAB and SATB music in a variety of styles and languages. Performances include Middle School “Middle Tennessee Vocal Association” (MTVA) events, Choral Festivals, Christmas Programs, “Evening with the Arts” in the Spring, and several Chapel times throughout the year. The DLMS 7th  & 8th  Grade Chorus has received Superior Ratings at Adjudication in both performance and sight-reading for the past 4 years.
  • English
  • Seventh grade language arts focuses on four areas throughout the year: writing, literature, grammar, and vocabulary. Short stories, The Westing Game, The Outsiders, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and AR encompass our literature studies.  Grammar incorporates the diagramming of simple and compound sentences, with emphasis on the seven noun functions, the eight parts of speech, and verb tenses and conjugation.  Writing begins with development of well-written sentences and then varies from single paragraphs to multi-paragraph essays.  Beginning research skills are taught and used in specific writing assignments across the seventh grade curriculum.  The Writing Practice Program (WPP) is used in each seventh grade class to prepare students for the writing assessment by practicing and reinforcing writing skills.  In addition to writing skills, students develop an online scrapbook and complete creative technology projects. Vocabulary is taught using Vocabulary Workshop and through Greek morphemes,  a study of words based on Greek root words, prefixes, and suffixes.  By memorizing the Greek morphemes students develop the ability to decode unfamiliar words.  Class discussion and participation are also a vital part of the seventh grade language arts experience.
  • Introduction to Languages
    Introduction to Languages is designed to give 7th grade students an overview of necessary foreign language study skills, plus a basic introduction to the 3 languages offered at Lipscomb Academy, Latin, French and Spanish.  These students have the opportunity to explore which languages they might like to pursue in high school.
  • Life Science
    The curriculum of 7th grade Life Science is designed to teach the basic principles of biology while challenging each student to think critically, apply concepts,  and practice science processes through lab activities.  Cross-curricular activities are incorporated to reinforce skills as writing, math application and biblical concepts.  Course content include the study of cells, cell processes, microbiology, animal diversity, ecology and human body systems.
  • Math
    The 7th grade math course is designed to prepare students for Pre-Algebra. A broad range of topics are covered throughout the year, including: whole number concepts, operations with fractions decimals and percents, place value, measurement, geometry, ratio and proportions and negative numbers.  Some algebraic concepts are introduced: solving simple equations, graphing, and scientific notation. The class is designed to introduce a new concept each day. Assignments generally include 4-5 new problems and 25 review problems from past lessons.  (Students who fail to maintain a “C” or higher average in this class will have difficulty with Pre-Algebra.
  • Guitar
    In the Beginning Guitar class, students will learn the basics of playing guitar as well as fundamental music theory. The 12 week class includes studies in music notation, key signatures, chord structuring and progression- all with practical application on the guitar. By the end of the course, students will understand chord relationships, how to notate music, how to play a variety of chords and melodies on the guitar, and will gain the experience of writing a song. Students do not need to have previous experience with the guitar.
  • Physical Education (PE)
    For 7th and 8th grade, Physical Education at David Lipscomb builds on the ideas learned in early middle school.  In addition to in-depth units on team sports, physical fitness is emphasized.  Students learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise.
  • Pre-Algebra
    7th Grade Pre-Algebra course is a study primarily designed to prepare students for Algebra 1.  This class provides advanced pacing for those students who have a strong background in mathematics.  A broad range of simple algebra topics are covered throughout the year, including: equations, graphing, integers, rational numbers, mathematical properties, one-step equations, two-step equations, factoring, negative exponents, inequalities, functions.  Some geometry is covered with algebra concepts included.  There is an entrance test to take to be considered for this class.  An end of the year average must be 87 or above in order to be accepted into Algebra Honors.
  • Visual Art
    Students are exposed to new types of printmaking, clay, and experience using textile or chalk and will learn about the processes and techniques in each medium. They will be asked to come up with their own concepts and subject matter for each project.
  • World Geography
    Seventh Grade World Geography prepares students to be global citizens. This study focuses on the diversity of the World's physical geography and cultures. World Geography students are immersed in researching the seven continents. The course also practices "Purposeful learning" allowing students to reach beyond the walls of the classroom. Student directed service learning projects incorporate researching data, debating "hot topics", thinking critically, and conducting projects that reach out to make the world a better place. Pen Pals from around the globe contribute to an ongoing exchange of cultures.