Middle School Writing Program



David Lipscomb Middle School Writing Program

Grades 5-8
Our goal by the conclusion of middle school is for our students to write with both creative thinking and critical thinking. Their technical skills should eventually be honed to the point that the idea comes alive through vivid word choices and original sentence structures with few distractions from incorrect syntax or glaring punctuation errors.

Ideas are more important than mechanics, but grammar and spelling should not distract from the fluency of the piece.

Overall Goals:
Students will learn…
  • To write in complete sentences.
  • To write in a clear and concise manner.
  •  To utilize a solid framework of research techniques.
  • To organize ideas.
  • To write in paragraph form.
  • To understand and avoid plagiarism.
  • To revise and edit effectively.
  • To avoid major mechanical errors including spelling.
  • To support ideas with logical evidence.
  • To write confidently in a variety of styles.
  • To see themselves as lifelong writers.
  • To write under pressure.
  • To express their own ideas and emotions creatively and coherently.
  • To distinguish between formal and informal writing.
  • To value the power of words. 

5th Grade Program will focus on the following skills:

  • Developing stronger word choices
  • Usage of transition words
  • Rephrasing information using own words (discussing plagiarism and honesty)
  • Compound and complex sentences
  • Revision and editing skills
  • Brainstorming/Organization
  • Journal writing (goal to place words on paper, practice fluency, and enhance teacher/student communication.)
  • Descriptive/informative writing
  • Expository paragraph
  • Narrative writing
  • Creative writing
  • Friendly letters and business letters
  • Biography reports
  • Poetry
  • One writing contest per year
  • WrAP – writing assessment

6th Grade Program will focus on the following skills:

  •          Journal writing with a focus on following directions
  •          Editing
  •          Ideas and organization
  •          One writing contest per year
  •          Lists from the book , List Your Self for Kids
  •          Diagram to writing
  •          Descriptive/Informational paper
  •          Good sentences to good paragraphs
  •           Responses to literature
  •          Character sketch
  •          Book reports
  •          Book reviews on Wiki Spaces
  •          Writing activities to reinforce reading skills

7th grade program will focus on the following skills:

  • Topic and thesis sentences
  • Internal citations for direct quotations from a book
  • Avoidance of plagiarism
  • Creative writing, including making a commercial with a focus on development, copy, pictures and oral presentation
  • On-line trip journal
  • Journal writing
  • Demonstrative paragraph/oral presentation
  • A concentration on subject verb agreement – strong sentence structure
  • Correct usage of vocabulary in original sentences
  • Writing styles using short stories
  • One writing contest per year
  • Expository essay

8th Grade program will focus on the following skills:

  •          A review of plagiarism
  •          Writing a thesis statement
  •          Usage of direct quotes in a book report
  •          Voice and word choice (using sensory images and figurative language)
  •          Organization strategies with graphic organizers
  •          Revision and editing strategies
  •          Letter writing
  •          Multi-paragraph essays (timed and untimed) minimum of four
  •          In class book report and oral presentation
  •          Creative writing projects
  •          Two writing contests
  •          Expository essay
  •          Letter to Self
  •          WrAP – writing assessment

David Lipscomb Middle School Basic Writing Guidelines



1. Write in complete sentences – no run on sentences or fragments.




2. Use correct capitalization and punctuation.


3. For paragraph writing – use the Hamburger Model.


4. Revise.


5. Check spelling and edit where needed.


6. Proofread after recopying.

7. Work should be legible and presentable.