Law, Justice & Society Major - Customizable Emphasis

B.A. or B.S. degree program
Total hours required – 45

Specific courses required in Law, Justice and Society (LJS) Hours
LJS 2103 Society and The Law  3
LJS 2203 Introduction to American Law  3
LJS 3103 Dispute Resolution  3
LJS 3203 Legal Research and Reasoning  3
LJS 3303 Influencing Change through Civic Engagement  3
LJS 390v Internship  1-3
LJS 4103 Law in the Global Community  3
LJS 4203 Senior Research Project  3


Specific courses required in Political Science (PO) Hours
PO 3433 Judicial Process  3
PO 4203 Constitutional Law  3



Specific course required  in Social Work (SW) Hours
SW 4513 Research Methods  3


Note: In consultation with the Law, Justice and Society director, students can customize a twelve credit hour emphasis using courses consistent with the student’s articulated career plan.

The major field writing requirement is satisfied by completing two of the following courses with a “C” or above: LJS 3203, 4203, Psychology 3413, 3433, 4203, 4233.