Kinesiology Majors and Minors


Exercise Science Major - 69 hours
Exercise Science is an interdisciplinary degree program designed to prepare students for work opportunities or graduate/professional school. Students must complete a clinical/field experience in the summer following their senior year as part of their degree program. Nashville provides ample settings for practical experience, regardless of the student's specific academic interest. In previous years, students have gained valuable experience in local hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, health and fitness facilities and YMCA fitness centers.

Health and Physical Education Teach Major (K-12)
The Health and Physical Education Program (NCATE approved) is designed to prepare students for careers as teachers in public and private school settings. These students gain valuable experiences by classroom observations and student teaching. There are abundant opportunities to grow professionally through the state professional organization (TAHPERD) and participation in local programs of excellence (Demonstration Schools). Upon graduation, most students enter the teaching profession.


Coaching Minor - 21 hours

Exercise Science Minor - 21 hours

Health Minor - 18 hours