Alumni and Friends

Department of Kinesiology Seminar Class, Spring 2013.  Where are they now?


Department of Kinesiology Seminar Class, Spring 2012.  Where are they now?


Department of Kinesiology Seminar Class, Spring 2011.  Where are they now?

Jonathan.  Lipscomb EXNS graduate student
Jenna.  Walsh College DPT graduate student
Halie.  ADP business solutions
Amy.  UNF DPT graduate student
Beth Ann.  Harding DPT graduate student
Josh.  Personal Trainer in Tupelo, MS
Wally.  Personal Trainer at Slim & Fit Brentwood, Next Level Fitness & Cool Springs YMCA
Carly.  Belmont DPT graduate student
Lindsey.  Verizon Wellness/Fitness employee
Kayla.  ETSU medical student
Andrea.  Belmont DPT graduate student
Toia.  Life University Chiropractic graduate student
Steven.  Lipscomb EXNS graduate student
Dustin.  Personal Trainer with Lyon Training Consultants
Kenzie.  Wellness Coordinator at Transformation Weight Loss & Nutrition Center
Nolan.  Harding MBA graduate student
Derek.  Elite Sports Medicine Physical Therapy Tech


Department of Kinesiology Seminar Class, Spring 2010.  Where are they now?

Lee.  HPE Teacher
Sara. Cardiac Rehabilitation
Jonathan. University of Alabama graduate student
Chad.  Health Coach with OnLife Health
Aynsley.  PT Tech
Callie.  Medical Supply Sales
Lori.  Belmont DPT graduate student
Kayce.  Financial Coordinator Elite Sports Medicine
Kristi.  Massage Therapist
Abigail.  US Army
Carmen.  Lipscomb Exercise and Nutrition Science graduate student
Hannah.  HPE Teacher
Christen.  Graduate School, University of Memphis
Stephanie.  Belmont DPT graduate student
Josh.  Professional baseball player
Aaron.  Trevecca PA graduate student
Jason.  Tennessee State DPT graduate student
Andrew.  Personal Trainer
Elle.  4UMD Exercise Physiologist
Randy.  YMCA Fitness Trainer

Department of Kinesiology Seminar Class, Spring 2009.  Where are they now?

Kallie Atti.  Physical Therapy Tech
Ricardo Atti.  Physical Therapy Tech
Caitlin Brummett.  Physical Therapy Tech
Kaitlin Carnes. Physical Therapy School (UAB)
Alan Eatherly.  Pharmacy Tech
Tara Gross.  Physical Therapy School (UT-Memphis)
Chris Hite. Exercise and Nutrition Science Graduate Student (Lipscomb)
Morgan Ingram.  Occupational Theray School (TSU)
Carolyn Latham Yates.  Physical Therapy School (Belmont)
Will Mantlo.  HPE Teacher
Clay McClain.  Physical Therapy School (TSU)
Brandon McClary Physician Assistant School (Trevecca)
William Park.  Teacher and Coach
Kelci Peck.  Physical Therapy Tech
Brie Rowdon. MBA Program Graduate Student (Lipscomb)
Elizabeth Rust.  Occupational Therapy School (TSU)
Carl Tomlinson. Exercise and Nutrition Science Graduate Student (Lipscomb)
Andrew Walsh.  Personal Trainer
Nathan Warren, Chiropractic School (Life College)
Erin Webb.  Teacher and Coach

Department of Kinesiology Seminar Class, Spring 2008.  Where are they now?

Jennifer Allsup. Police department in CA
Meredith Berry.  Physical Therapy Student (UTC)
Keith Brown.  Teacher
Daniel Elliott.  Physical Therapy Student (TSU)
Pete Ellison.  EXNS Graduate Student (Lipscomb)
Lydia Fowler.  EXNS Graduate Student (Lipscomb)
Garner Goode.  EXNS Graduate Student (Lipscomb)
Aaron Hall.  Physical Therapy Student (UT-Memphis)
Lindsey Hemphill Howell.  Personal Trainer
Kristen Howell.  EIRO Fit Systems
Shea McAfee.  Physical Therapy Tech
Cody Morris.  Graduate Student
Chris Rau.  Teacher
Andrea Smith.  Nursing School
Jesse Smith.  Fed Ex Driver
Catie Woods.  Teacher/Coach

Department of Kinesiology Seminar Class, Spring 2007.  Where are they now?

Kyle Cochrane.  Physical Therapy Student (TSU)
Matt Russell.  Teacher
AJ Bacciocchi.  Grad Assistant, Lipscomb
Courtney C. Steele.  Physical Therapy Student (Belmont)
Anton Santiago.  Physical Therapy Tech.
Adam Anderson.  Physical Therapy Student (TSU)
Susan Worden.  Public Health Graduate Student
Laura McCallister.  Physical Therapy Student (UT Memphis)
Lindsey Rutherford.  Personal Trainer/Fitness
Samantha Wood.  Physical Therapy Student (US Army Baylor)
Jenna Reid.  Physical Therapy Student (Belmont)
Emily E. Harris.  Director Campus Recreation, Lipscomb

Department of Kinesiology Seminar Class, Spring 2006.  Where are they now? 

Stephen Hasselbring.  Athletic Trainer
Jackie Collier.  Physical Therapy Student (Chicago)
Weldon Ehlert.  Teacher
Kelly H. Ehlert.  Physical Therapy Student (Belmont)
Lauren Stubbs.  Teacher
Daniel Griffith.  Physical Therapy Student (Belmont)
Matt Thomas.  Assistant baseball coach, Lipscomb
Jamie Aide.  Teacher/Coach
Matt Cline.  Chiropractic School Student
Erin Chapman.  Occupational Therapy Student (Belmont)
Susan Foster.  Physical Therapy Student (Belmont)



Department of Kinesiology Graduates from 2002.  Where are they now? 

Will Osburn.  Strength and Conditioning Assistant, Lipscomb.
Lee Riley.  Teacher, Ezell Harding Christian School
Nichol Null.  Physical Therapist
Sydney (Z.) Clayton.  Physical Therapist & Anatomy/Phys. teacher at Lipscomb
Dan Turner.  Physical Therapist, Colorado
Chara Patterson.  Recreation Coordinator
Reed H. Bennett.  Teacher
Dinah P. Hall.  Physical Therapist


Greg Hutti

2003 Exercise Science Grad

The degree of Doctor of Chiropractic was awarded to Gregory M. Hutti on August 18th, 2007 from Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield Missouri. Dr. Hutti is a graduate of Lipscomb University and the Department of Kinesiology.  Dr. Hutti received a Bachelor of Science degree in 2003 from Lipscomb University in Exercise Science. He is the son of Kay and Bill Hutti of Nolensville. Dr. Hutti is currently practicing at Advanced Chiropractic Center in Santa Monica, CA




Sara Pigg Walker
2000 Lipscomb Graduate

1918Hi!  My name is Sara and I recently graduated with my DPT degree from Belmont's doctoral level P.T. program. I can state with absolute certainty that I would not trade one thing for my time at Lipscomb.  I initially chose Lipscomb because of its reputation for academic excellence and its distinctly Christian emphasis. As I reflect back on my undergraduate experience, Lipscomb proved to exceed my expectations in both of these areas. I majored in Exercise Science in order to fulfill  prerequisite requirements for physical therapy school. The major's coursework gave me the essential scientific foundation with classes such as kinesiology, exercise physiology, and the challenging two-semester anatomy and physiology course.The major also included classes which emphasized practical skills, such as taping ankles and administering graded exercise tests, which proved to be invaluable in preparing me for my internship and subsequent employment as a fitness specialist with the YMCA of Middle Tennessee. As a result of the quality of Lipscomb academics, specifically in the Department of Kinesiology, I was accepted not only into a local APTA accredited graduate program, but also into the P.T. program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, one of the top 15 P.T. programs in the nation, according to U.S. News and World Report. That said, I believe the most valuable thing I gained from Lipscomb was not academic success, but personal spiritual growth as a direct result of the Christian relationships with my peers and teachers.  Not only did I develop what I believe will be lifelong friendships with many of my fellow students, but I also developed meaningful relationships with my professors, who have become both professional and spiritual mentors to me. I believe God had a purpose in leading me to Lipscomb University, and I am confident that my time there has more than adequately prepared me for whatever the future holds.  I highly recommend the Lipscomb Kinesiology Department to anyone who is interested in that field. Sara now works as a Physical Therapist for Star Physical Therapy in Brentwood.

Holly Henry Huddleston 
1999 Lipscomb Graduate

1909My name is Holly Henry Huddleston. My major at Lipscomb was Exercise Science, and my minor was Nutrition. I recently finished a graduate degree at the University of Memphis in Health Promotion. I am currently employed as the Resident Services Director for Town Village Audubon Park in Memphis, TN. I felt confident that I was well-prepared with my education from Lipscomb when sitting for Certification Exams (ACSM, ACE, and YMCA) and when applying to graduate school. I had a variety of core classes in the Kinesiology department, taught by reliable, knowledgable, and well-connected professors. Supporting classes from other departments also gave me a quality base of knowledge that would be expected from a liberal arts university. My classes challenged me, and were taught by instructors with Christian standards. Lipscomb is a large enough school to have flexible class scheduling, yet small enough for the students to get individual attention from our instructors.  Along with strong academic preparation, I made authentic friendships that have carried me through both good and bad times. The support I continue to receive from these friends is genuine and everlasting.Thank you, Lipscomb University, for all that you have given to me!  

Casey Julian
1999 Lipscomb Graduate

My name is Casey Julian and I am a graduate student at the Florida State University in the department of Exercise Physiology. I am proud to say that I did my undergraduate work at Lipscomb University. I didn't know exactly how great the decision to go to Lipscomb was until long after the decision was made. My decision was based on wanting an environment where I could get an education and further my knowledge of God at the same time.The idea of smaller classes and more individual attention also appealed to me, because I was at a state school at the time which offered neither of those advantages. However, the full impact of my time at Lipscomb didn't fully manifest itself until after I graduated. Most importantly, Lipscomb, through chapel, Bible classes, friends and teachers, provided a foundation for me spiritually that helps and encourages me daily in my walk with God now. Besides encouraging me spiritually, Lipscomb prepared me educationally as well. The exercise science program at Lipscomb prepared me better than I ever realized it would for my experience in graduate school. The practical application of the lab experiences, the emphasis on statistics, the regular writing and journal reading assignments are just a few of the areas which I find myself much more comfortable with here at FSU because of my education at Lipscomb. The professors in this department were also very caring  because of their constant encouragement and support. I couldn't have asked for a better college experience, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone who wanted the best education experience imaginable!


Karen Petty Robichaud
1998 Lipscomb Graduate

Four of the happiest years of my life were spent at 3901 Granny White Pike! During that span at Lipscomb I cultivated friendships, improved athletically, grew spiritually and learned much. Since I was interested in the concept of balance and nurturing the whole person, I gravitated toward Lipscomb’s kinesiology department. The faculty members of that department are true Renaissance men and women relishing academia, arts, spirituality and physical fitness. In fact, many of my professors not only taught me in the classroom and advised me on career choices, but frequently exercised with me and even prayed with me. I so appreciate the warmth, professionalism, and mentorship the kinesiology department provided. After attaining my undergraduate degree at Lipscomb I was well prepared for the course requirements for a Master’s degree in exercise science. Furthermore, the knowledge I gained at Lipscomb fortified my personal aerobic endurance training and assisted in helping me design workouts and instruction for the high school cross-country and track athletes I now coach. No doubt, the information gleaned in Kinesiology, motor learning, and exercise physiology classes improved my effectiveness and contributed to the success of these Brentwood High School state championship teams. Indeed, Lipscomb enriched my life.     

Melissa Maness
1997 Lipscomb Graduate

1915My name is Melissa Maness and I was a student at Lipscomb from 1993-1997. My degree was is Exercise Science and Athletic Training.  I loved my college experience at Lipscomb. I played sports there, was active in a social club and made lifelong, Christian friends.  The Exercise Science department at Lipscomb is wonderful. The professors prepare you well for a career in health and/or fitness industry. They also care about you as a person and want you to succeed. One part of my degree required me to do an externship at a health and/or fitness related business. I chose the YMCA of Middle Tennessee. My externship led to a career with the YMCA. I am now the Wellness Director at the Harding Place Family YMCA. I use my education from Lipscomb on a daily basis. I do fitness-testing daily, which I first learned at Lipscomb, as well as one-on-one consultations with members about exercise and nutrition.  I could not do what I am doing without the education I received through the Exercise Science Department at Lipscomb. I have had 2 interns from the exercise science department at Lipscomb since I have been working with the YMCA.  Both interns have been excellent students and made their externship a learning experience. Their knowledge and work ethic proved they received a great education through the Exercise Science Department at Lipscomb. The professors in the Exercise Science Department are doing an excellent job at preparing students to succeed in the health and fitness industry!

Dr. Kenn Niebrugge
1995 Lipscomb Graduate

1907The Exercise Science degree I earned from the Department of Kinesiology at Lipscomb University provided me with a myriad of opportunities from which to choose. Biomedical Engineering, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Medical School, and Chiropractic School (which was ultimately my career choice) were only some of the many options that were available to me following graduation.  A solid Human Anatomy program which included rare undergraduate cadaver studies and challenging courses in both Medical and Exercise Physiology were important university core courses.  In addition, other courses offered in the Department of Kinesiology helped me better understand the biomechanics of human movement which complimented my training as a Doctor of Chiropractic .  My degree from Lipscomb University provided me with not only early exposure to the demands of Graduate School, but THE solid foundation on which any career of my choice could be built. In retrospect, I feel the high level of quality and dedicated Christian instruction offered at Lipscomb University and the Department of Kinesiology was instrumental in not only helping me become a better doctor, but more importantly, a better person. Kenn A. Niebrugge, DC Lipscomb University Class of 1995

Clay Nicks
1994 Lipscomb Graduate

1902The education I received from Lipscomb has been very beneficial. When I graduated in 1994 with a B.S. in Exercise Science, I felt like I was well prepared for my professional career as well as graduate school. I completed a Master's in Education in 1998 and I am currently pursuing a doctoral degree with an emphasis in exercise science / physical education.  My major classes at Lipscomb prepared me for graduate level work.  In the Fall of 2000, I began coaching cross country at Lipscomb University and adjucting in the Kinesiology Department. My undergraduate education prepared me for both jobs. Not only am I happy with the education I received, I also feel like the faculty in the Kinesiology Department are some of the most helpful you can find anywhere. Even after graduation, they were helpful in career counseling, references, or any assistance I needed.  I have several friends who also graduated with degrees from Lipscomb's Kinesiology Department and they have been very successful professionally too. Many of them are teachers, physical therapists, graduate students, and wellness directors. I strongly believe that the Kinesiology Department at Lipscomb is one of best you can find anywhere.

Craig Portwood, ATC/L
1994 Lipscomb Graduate

1903As a 1994 graduate of Lipscomb University from the Exercise Science program with an emphasis on Athletic Training, I have found my education from Lipscomb to be extremely valuable and pertinent to what I do on a daily basis. The knowledge gained from my work in the Exercise Science arena has enabled me to work with athletes and incorporate all aspects of testing and exercise prescription into their rehabilitation as well as revitalize our own faculty and staff wellness program. The Athletic Training experiences that I had at Lipscomb have heavily influenced and shaped my program here and continue to contribute to its future vision today. The part that means the most to me is that even five years (going on six) after graduating from DLU, anytime I have a question or desire an opinion on anything relating to the field, I can contact any of the professors at Lipscomb and they are more than willing to help. I donít think that this would be the case at most universities. Craig Portwood, ATC/L Head Athletic Trainer Department Chairperson, Health, Physical Education, and Driversí Education Director, Sport Science Academy Mainland High School

Adam Freeman
1993 Lipscomb Graduate

Adam FreemanAdam R. Freeman (93') and Leslie (Schroer) Freeman (93') live in Acworth, GA. Adam is the Head Athletic Trainer at Harrison High School and Leslie is a stay-at-home mom.  They have two daughters, Abby, 5, and Ella, 16 mos. Adam recently completed his second marathon in Chicago. They attend West Metro Church of Christ in Hiram. " My experience at Lipscomb was a positive one.  I always look back on those times and remember what a great support system I had while I was there. I owe a lot of what I learned to Dr. Johnson and "Doc" Adams. It is great to know that I can still call them anytime for advice or guidance."




Gary E. McIlvain, MS, ATC
1993 Lipscomb Graduate

1908I graduated from Lipscomb in December of 1993 and began working as the assistant athletic trainer at Lipscomb in the Fall of 1994 and worked for two years in that capacity.  I then became the head trainer and worked for two years as Lipscomb's head trainer.  After leaving Lipscomb in the spring of 1998 I completed a masters degree at MTSU and then relocated to the tri-state area and began teaching as an assistant professor at Marshall University in their accredited athletic program. This position at MU is a one year temporary position and then I will be moving to a high school closer to where I live and will teach one athletic training/first aid class during the last class period and will be the head athletic trainer for that school (East Carter High School in KY). I am also working on my terminal degree at MU/WVU in a co-op program which will be an EdD in education administration. The preparation that I gained at Lipscomb was excellent. The academic programs at Lipscomb are some of the best in the nation. The Exercise Science and Athletic Training Programs there prepared me well beyond what most undergraduate programs prepare the average student. The academic and hands on experience I gained at Lipscomb are second to none and I would highly recommend the programs in the Department of Kinesiology at Lipscomb University to anyone going into the field of Exercise Science and/or Athletic Training. The level of academics and experience that Lipscomb offers is excellent and the support staff of medical doctors, exercise physiologist, athletic trainers, and others are among the top in their fields.

Raymond Harvey
1991 Lipscomb Graduate

Ray HarveyRaymond graduated from Lipscomb in 1991 from our department with an Exercise Science degree. After spending some time as a minor league professional baseball player, Raymond became the Fitness/Wellness Director at the Green Hills YMCA. He later transferred to the Brentwood YMCA and served as their Fitness/Wellness Director. He recently resigned that position and has entered into a private business. He is also interested in pursuing a career as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist in the future.

Dr. LaGary Carter
1989 Lipscomb Graduate

1905Dr. LaGary Carter received his Bachelor of Science degree in December of 1989 from Lipscomb University and the Department of Kinesiology. While at Lipscomb, Dr. Carter lettered in baseball his freshman year and served as a team manager and strength coach during his sophomore year.  Dr. Carter completed the Master of Science degree, in Exercise Physiology, from the University of Southern Mississippi in August of 1990.   He then went on to receive a Doctor of Arts degree from Middle Tennessee State University, in August of 1993.  Dr. Carter also served three years in the United States Marine Corps Reserve as an Infantryman and Supply Warehouseman. Dr. Carter served for four years as the coordinator of Outpatient Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation at John D. Archbold Memorial Hospital in Thomasville, Georgia.Since 1997, Dr. Carter has been an assistant professor in the Department of Kinesiology & Physical Education at Valdosta State University in Valdosta, Georgia.  He is the Director of the Human Performance Laboratory and teaches primarily in the Exercise Science program. His courses include, but are not limited to, cardiopulmonary physiology, electrocardiography, exercise physiology, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, cardiopulmonary medications, and health. Dr. Carter supervises all of the clinical and corporate student internships and is a member of the graduate faculty. LaGary is married to Tanya Hadwin Carter, also a Lipscomb graduate. They have two sons; Quinton and Andrew.  He and his wife are members of the Forrest Park Church of Christ in Valdosta, Georgia. Dr. LaGary Carter Department of Kinesiology & Physical Education Valdosta State University Valdosta, GA 31698-0095 Work (912) 333-5895 FAX (912) 333-5972