IT Leadership

Mike Green - Vice President/CIO of Information Technology

Cindy Mears - Administrative Assistant

Administrative Software

The Adminitrative Software team serves the University offices and provides support for university related business. Jennifer Cameron, Manager of Administrative Systems, leads this team that is staffed by Joe Trimble (Analyst/DBA), Michelle Putnam (Database Administrator), Tracy Derryberry (Programmer/Analyst) and Greg Williams (Programmer/Analyst).

Network Systems

The Network Systems team supports the Data and Voice Infrasctucture at Lpscomb University. Dave Wagner, Director of Information Security and Infrastructure, leads the Network Systems team which is staffed by Jessica Daniel (User Services and Infrastructure Support), Ritche Beard (Infrastructure Support), Barry Graves (Telecommunications) and Stephen Kerstiens (Web Developer).

Technical Support

The Technical Support Team is under the direction of Marc Colley. The Technical Support Team is staffed by Patrick Anderson, Philip Brackett, Aaron Haddon, and Brad Ham.

Student Workers

The Student Workers of the Information Technology department serve a vital part of our support to the students of Lipscomb. Their staffing of the Student HelpDesk gives users a resource that is open in the evening to get help with issues they may be having.