Sharing your Calendar
You can easily share your calendar with others on campus without giving any additional access to your account.  To do this, simply open your calendar in the gmail web interface and choose Settings, then click on the Calendars tab.

To change the sharing options, click on Edit Settings under Sharing as circled in the image above.
You can now choose who you want to share your calendar with and what they have access to see.  We recommend that you give all of the Lipscomb domain access to see your free/busy data in order to make meeting scheduling easier.
If you'd like to give a specific person access to see all of the details or to be able to modify your calendar, add their email address to the Person field and choose the appropriate access and choose Add Person.  This will send the other person a link to your calendar.
Click Save and you can return to your calendar.
Delegating your Entire Mailbox
If you need to allow another user to check your mail, edit your contacts and send mail from your account, you must delegate your entire mailbox to this user.  We recommend this only for those who must have full access to their supervisor's mailbox.  To delegate access to your mailbox, you must log onto the following website and add the delegation.

You must enter the person's username and click Delegate.

To revoke a delegation, use this same website and click Delete beside the current delegation you wish to revoke.