Special Programs

The institute has several offerings that will positively affect the life of your congregation.  Through them we share a range of tools that can revitalize your sense of mission, manage conflicts that arise, renew your hunger for God's Word, better attend to the spiritual life of your children, and introduce new practices that enrich a daily walk with God.  We also facilitate retreats for church leaders and senior ministers that refresh and equip and provide a certificate program focused on pastoral care skills.

Our programs have various formats and costs.

Healthy Churches, The Ministry of Reconciliation, Enter the Story, Pilgrims Together and Soul Work are hosted at your local congregation. Our facilitators come to your location and participants are gathered from your immediate community. If you think one of these offerings would bless your congregation, contact us to explore what the partnership looks like.

Flourishing Leaders, The Ministry of Spiritual Direction and Senior Minister’s Sabbath are all hosted in the Nashville area. If you would like to participate in one of these programs, contact us for the offering dates and costs.

Contact Information

Dr. Kate Watkins

Institute for Christian Spirituality
One University Park Drive
Nashville, TN 37204-3951

Download a copy of our brochure here.