2017 Southeastern Conference on Conflict Management

This event is the only one of its type in the region, drawing participants from across sectors of government, business, legal, nonprofit and education. The subject matter of all presentations is related to the field of conflict management, dispute resolution and leadership in critical moments. Previous keynote speakers and presenters include: Capt. Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, Anders Rasmussen, Terry Waite, Neil Levine and other international notables.

Please Save the Date: Wednesday, May 10, 2017
2017 Breakout Session Presentations:
Get Busy. Get Paid: How to Market your Mediation Practice 
Presenter: Dr. Randy Lowry
Mental Health Crisis Communication Strategies 
Presenter:  Dr. Jeff Thompson
Ethical Conundrums: The Mediator's Dilemma, Is the Advocate a Friend or Foe?
Presenter:  Tracy Allen
Diagnosis Conflict: Treatment Options 
Presenter:  Kate Payne 
Intergenerational Conflict In Organizations & Congregational Conflict and Peacemaking 
Presenter:  Dr. Steve Joiner 
Managing Employment Dispute Resolution 
Presenter: Mark Travis
Developing Good Relationships in Mediation 
Presenter: Stephen Shields
Integrated Conflict Management in Higher Education 
Presenter: Elyce C. Morris
Cross-Cultural Psychology 
Presenter: Dr. Betty Gilmore
Effective Advocacy in Mediation 
Presenter: Jack Waddey 
Online Dispute Resolution
Presenter: Linda Seely