Master of Arts (Non-Thesis Option)

Master of Arts in Conflict Management (30 hours required) 

Complete the 15 hours for the Certificate in Conflict Management

Certificate Required Courses (Four courses, first three are taken in order)

ICM 5000        Introduction to Graduate Studies (non-credit)

ICM 5003        Survey of Conflict Management

ICM 5013        Negotiation and Settlement Processes

ICM 5023        Mediation

Certificate Focus Elective (Select One):

ICM 5033        Conflict Management in Business and Commercial Settings

ICM 5043        Conflict Management in Education Settings

ICM 5053        Conflict Management in Healthcare Settings

ICM 5063        Conflict Management in Religious Settings

ICM 619V        Special Topics: Conflict Management in Family Settings

ICM 5073        Conflict Management Clinical Internship, or one additional elective course

Additional ICM Electives (Select three):

ICM 6013        Psychology of Conflict

ICM 6023        Cross Cultural Conflict

ICM 6033        Communications in Conflict

ICM 6043        Systems Design in Conflict Management

ICM 6053        Public Policy Conflict Management

ICM 6063        Advanced Mediation

ICM 6103        Apology, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation

ICM 6113        Facilitating Dynamic Groups

ICM 6123        Marketing Your Practice

ICM 619V        Special Topics

Application Courses (Both Courses Required):

ICM 6073        Conflict Management Project

ICM 6083        Conflict Management Externship