Institute for Conflict Management

It would be wonderful if we could all get along all of the time. But back here on earth, we must work to resolve our differences—because disagreements and disputes are roadblocks to progress. In order to overcome impasses, we must manage conflicts and agree to move forward together.

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The Lipscomb University Institute for Conflict Management assembles the best thinkers from a wide range of fields—law, business, sociology—to examine why conflicts arise. We take this interdisciplinary approach because we believe that the more angles from which you see a problem, the more approaches you have to solve it.

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Graduate Programs

With a MA in Conflict Management, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how to negotiate and diffuse conflict. You can opt to take classes on campus or online, and to pursue a thesis project or externship as part of your coursework. Either way, you’ll learn from experts in the field what it takes to create consensus and community.

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Certifications & Events

Our Certificate in Conflict Management covers the core principles of handling conflict and readies you to put them into action. Training workshops in negotiation skills and congregational leadership target specific concerns and equip you with the tools to address them.

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Terry Waite, scholar-in-residence for Lipscomb’s Institute for Conflict Management, recounted his situation as an example of “when things go terribly wrong” as he was the featured speaker at a special retreat offered by the institute for a group of 35 graduate students, board members, supporters and friends Sept. 12-13 in Woodstock, Vt., a city recognized for best practices in sustainability and mediation.

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