Hazelip School of Theology's Certificate of Graduate Studies in Student Ministry is a 15-hour program created for anyone involved in youth ministry, from youth ministers and elders to volunteers and pastors. This series of unique courses will help you better teach, lead, and understand the younger worshipers in your congregation.  Our pragmatic collaboration of topics and experts delivers hands-on, real-life applications you can use every day.

 Through our certificate course offering, you will:

  • learn about psychosocial development of adolescents
  • distinguish differing spiritual, emotional and ministry needs between early, middle and late adolescents
  • gain tools to navigate congregational family conflict
  • understand family systems
  • adapt your ministry to meet needs more effectively
  • educate yourself on the most current issues in student ministry
  • apply organizational life cycle theory to ministry system

Our course offerings will be convenient, offered at Youth Ministry conferences as well as online. The first course (Intro to Youth & Family Ministry) is offered at the annual National Conference of Youth Ministry in Colorado Spring, Colorado.

 The entire program is listed below. 

  • Introduction to Youth & Family Ministry
  • Conflict and Family Systems
  • Current Issues in Student Ministry
  • Participation in Internship or HST Elective
  • Adolescent Spirituality

 If you decide to pursue a graduate theology degree (MACP, MACM, MTS, MDiv) after completing the certificate, your 15 credit hours can be applied toward that program.    

To see the informational brochure on this program, click here.