The primary purpose of the M.A.C.M is to equip students for competent leadership in specialized ministry such as youth and family ministry, education ministry, etc.

I. GB 5003 Introduction to Theological Study (3 hours)

II. Scripture (12 hours)

GB 6083 OT Interpretation and Theology
GB 6093 NT Interpretation and Theology
Old Testament Scripture Course
New Testament Scripture Course

III. Theology and History (9 hours chosen from the following)

          GB 5503 Systematic Theology
          GB 5423 Historical Theology I
          GB 5433 American Church History
          GB 5473 Christian Ethics

IV. Ministry (18 hours) 

GB 5603 Theology of Ministry
GB 5553 Spiritual Formation and Guidance 
GB 5653 Counseling for Church Leaders
Ministry Electives (6 hours from Ministry and Culture course section)
Practicum (3 Hours)

V. Electives (6 hours)

VI. Comprehensive Exam