University Faculty

Lipscomb University is a private coeducational institution whose principal focus is undergraduate education in the liberal arts and sciences, combined with a number of pre-professional fields and master's degree programs (Bible, business, education). Its primary mission is to integrate Christian faith and practice with academic excellence. This mission is carried out not only in the classroom but also by involvement in numerous services to the church and the larger community. A prerequisite for membership on the faculty is loyalty to New Testament Christianity as understood and traditionally practiced among churches of Christ. This includes complete and unwavering acceptance of the Bible as the divinely inspired word of God; faithfulness in personal life to those ideals and habits which contribute to purity and opposition to the various forms of worldliness; and active participation in the work of a local congregation.

Lipscomb University hires full-time and part-time faculty. All faculty members are hired through the academic departments and college deans. To inquire about possible teaching positions, please contact the academic college of your choice.

All phone numbers are area code (615). You may also call toll-free at 800.333.4358 and request the extension, the last four digits of each number.

Dr. W. Craig Bledsoe, Provost (966.1789)

Dr. Norma Burgesss - Dean, College of Arts and Sciences (966.6146)

Dr. Steve Joiner - Dean, Institutes at Lipscomb (966.7140)

Dr. Leonard Allen - Dean, College of Bible and Ministry (966.6053)

Dr. Ray Eldridge - Interim Dean, College of Business (966.5950)

Dr. Deborah Boyd - Interim Dean, College of Education (966.6263)

Dr. Justin Myrick - Dean, Raymond B. Jones College of Engineering (966.6244)

Dr. Roger Davis - Dean, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (966.7160)

Dr. Nina Morel - Interim Dean, College of Professional Studies (966.2500)

Dr. Paul Prill - Honors College (966.5805)

Dr. Deborah Boyd - Interim Dean, Ayers Institute for Teacher Learning and Innovation (966.6263)

Dr. Randy Spivey - Academic Director, Institute for Law, Justice and Society (966.2503)

Dodd Galbreath - Executive Director, Institute for Sustainable Practice (966.1771)

Lydia Lenker - Managing Director, Nelson & Sue Andrews Institute for Civic Leadership (966.6155)