History Teaching Major

B.A. degree program

I. General Education Required of Secondary and K-12 Teacher Education Students (see page 170 at http://catalog.lipscomb.edu)
II. Professional Education (see page 170 at http://catalog.lipscomb.edu)
           A. Core Professional Education
           B. Specialized Professional Education

Base Courses in History (HI) Hours
HI 3053  Teaching Resourcs Seminar* 1

III. Subject Matter Specialization

Base Courses in History (HI) Hours
HI 1013  World Civilization I 3
HI 1023  World Civilization II 3
HI 2213 History of the United States I 3
HI 2223 History of the United States II  3
HI 3323  Cultural Geography  3
HI 4013  Religion and American Culture 3
HI 4023  History of Tennessee * 3
 Plus 9 elective hours at or above the 3000 level  


Base Courses in Political Science (PO) Hours
PO 1013  Introduction to Politics  3


History majors must also complete one or both of the following areas of endorsement:

Government/Political Science and/or Economics

12 Hours including Political Science (PO) Hours
PO 1023  Introduction to American Government  3
PO 3033  International Relations* 3
PO 3133  Comparative Governments* 3


12 Hours in Economics (EC) Hours



 Principles of Microeconomics  3



 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
Six hours of electives 3


History Teaching majors have a built-in minor in Education and are not required to take another minor.

*Offered in alternate years