Fees and Health Insurance

Undergraduates pay a health fee with their tuition that covers most services in the Health Center each semester. We do not bill health insurance for any service. It is HIGHLY recommended that all students have a health insurance policy to cover costs for emergencies and non-covered services. Coverage should include providers and hospitals in the Nashville vicinity. A $500,000 limit per year is recommended with a reasonable deductible that could be paid by the student.

Unlimited nurse visits

3 Nurse Practitioner visits per semester

Limited over-the-counter medicines

Medical equipment rental (crutches, wheelchairs, splints)

On-site tests (strep, mono, urinalysis)

Stitches for minor, non-facial lacerations

Wound care

Nebulizer treatments

Wart removal

Ear irrigation

Not Covered

Laboratory testing*

Imaging: x-rays, CT scans, MRIs


TB tests

Prescription medicines

Off-campus providers/specialists

Emergency room visits or hospital stays

Nutrition, physical therapy, or other auxiliary services

Skin biopsies*

*PathGroup Laboratory bills either students’ insurance or directly to him/her

Graduate/Professional Students can see a nurse for free and the nurse practitioner for $20 for a focused exam visit. $40 + lab fees for a complete physical exam.