Graduate Randy Bostic November 2012 Letter

On 10/31/2012

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Looking Ahead

By Randy Bostic
As the campaign season ends and the election occurs, we get excited about new opportunity. As the trees change color, leaves fall to the ground and the air becomes crisp, we look forward to family gatherings at Thanksgiving and Christmas. The fall seems to be a increasingly an important and busy time for all of us. I find myself looking forward to the break that comes with the upcoming holidays.
I was reminded in the storm over the last few days that while I am looking forward to the future weeks, others are very much in the moment and not sure what is ahead. So many or our family, friends and countrymen are hurting as Super Storm Sandy hit the northeast and left power out and homes destroyed. Families lost loved ones and we will be recovering for months and years in the northeast. Our community knows how hard this recovery will be.
So as our prayers go up for those affected by this storm and all those who are hurting and struggling for so many reasons, we can look ahead. The election will occur, the markets are back open and black Friday is right around the corner. We know that we will recover and survive. We know we can look ahead to good times and exciting opportunities. How and why do we know?
Many of us were reminded during the storm of the guards at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Washington DC, these guards do not leave their post for
anything and have in the past disobeyed orders to guard this tomb. We have countrymen and women that will not let us fall even it they have to give their lives. We have fellow citizens, friends and family that put us before themselves in service to our military, civil service and so many other ways.
We look ahead because of those who protect and serve us. We look ahead because God has promised in Isaiah that we will soar on wings of eagles and we will run and not grow tired. We need to look ahead and be excited about what opportunities God will provide while we are doing everything we can to help those around us raise their eyes to what is ahead. Serve, Pray, and Work with confidence of what is ahead. Thank those who serve and take every opportunity to serve those around you. May God bless your family and holidays; May God comfort and give strength to those hurting due to the storm; May God protect those that serve us; May God give each of us opportunities to serve and share our faith.
Please let us know how we might serve you.