Graduate Randy Bostic October 2012 Letter

On 9/27/2012

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How Fast Can You Go

By Randy Bostic

This is the third fall I have been a part of the College of Business. Every year we all want to do more than we did last year and do it better. I believe this is a very good thing.

It has been fun for me to have discussions with professors about the best way to encourage students to excel or discuss the value of different learning methods.  The professors spend large amounts of time preparing for their classes and just as much time with their students making the learning experience as beneficial as possible.

I am privileged to have witnessed the Dean in meetings from 8:30 in the morning until after 5 and still have time for an alum who needs a job or a student who is seeking advice on a career path. I have observed staff working well past closing time to help students get enrolled and be prepared for class.

We also feel a calling to be a larger part of this community and the world. In a few short days we will open the Center for Global Connectedness and Collaboration. This Center will provide another opportunity for us to impact our community and the world.

There are so many wonderful opportunities; but how do we manage them all? Every person in the College of Business has family, friends, and other commitments outside of the College. At what point is it too much? At what point should we slow down? How do we handle everything?

I am sure we have all asked these questions. I am reminded of something Coach Meyer used to tell me at basketball camp when I would be shooting in the gym before or after sessions, “practice does not make perfect, but perfect practice makes perfect”. Maybe part of the answer to the questions above is

to do everything the best you can every time. Once we can do that, we continue to move on to the next thing to master. Coach also used to make us set goals for each area of our life as well as prioritize which area is most important.

It seems to me that we should strive to be the best we can and do as much as we can, with the caveat that we should make sure we take and plan the time to perfect the most important items in our lives.

God Bless you and your family.