Graduate Learning with Prudential Asia

On 6/22/2012

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Learning with Prudential Asia

As it has become a tradition, for the past few years, Lipscomb College of Business offers graduate students the opportunity to develop an international perspective by making Global Studies an integral part of the Graduate Program.

This Spring, Ben Lambert is enjoying this great experience and has been broadening his horizons and view on world business with Prudential Asia, in HongKong.

Why did you apply for the program?

I wanted to gain knowledge and experience in a large corporate global company and how that corporation conducts business in multi cultures and countries. As well as, to live the experience of a foreign culture and how that culture has established itself as the economic giant in the world.


Why do you think you were accepted?

I think it was for two reasons:

My extroverted and passionate personally, and my willingness to grow and learn that could maybe benefit my home country one day and for my experience in adapting and fitting in different cultures.


What was a typical day like?

Each week day will start at 9am and finish at 6pm. My supervisor will discuss what project I need to concentrate on and I will focus on that. Sometimes the project can be time consuming and other times other projects can be small and be completed in a short time.

After work if I don’t go out with colleagues I will come home, exercise, and then go for supper. I will return back to my hotel to relax for the day around 10pm each week night Weekends is where I will travel and experience things I can not experience back in America or Africa (Big Budda, beach islands, etc)

Where do you live?

I live in a hotel in Central Hong Kong. It takes 20 minutes to walk to work.

Best and worst moment?

From a business standpoint, the best part has been the knowledge and the experience from being a part of an asset management company. Learning about what it is, how it works and what strategies companies need to take to become a major player in the market has been a massive learning curve.

The worst moment would be the corporate culture in the office. There is no personality and no sense of a joyous atmosphere. This doesn’t mean it’s bad or wrong, it has just opened my eyes to how many corporate companies behave in a workplace. My personality has had to adjust to this different setting.


Outside of the office the best part has been to experience the lifestyle of Asia and to build relationships with colleagues outside of the office. Being a part of Prudential intramurals has really helped establish a relationship between me and the people I work with.

Based on your experience so far, is this something you would recommend?  Why?


The work may be intimidating or overwhelming but the experience of a large corporation and the lifestyle of a foreign country will not only impact your life but it will shake your world. Your eyes will be opened to things you would never see anywhere else, and your perception about business, teamwork, and social life will change you and help mold you into a culturally diverse person.

Thoughts about Hong Kong or China after having arrived there?

My personal feelings are just in awe of this country and city. Everything is working and the system in place is ridiculously efficient. Nothing is late and everything seems to be organized and operational. When I compare China or Hong Kong to American and Africa I quickly realize how much trouble America is in if things don’t change quickly, financially that is. Then in regards to Africa I have no hope for my homeland especially during my lifetime. Where Africa is struggling to provide paved roads for its citizens, Hong Kong is reclaiming land so that it can continue its vast infrastructure growth. China is a financial monster in the economic world.