Study Abroad FAQs

How/where do I apply for a passport? You can find information about how and where to apply for a passport at the U.S. Department of State website.


Will studying abroad push back my graduation date?  Semester-long programs typically do not interfere with graduating on time because they offer several general education requirements. Students are also permitted to take one online course or independent study course to keep on track with their major. Check with your academic advisor to see what's available. Short-term (5 weeks or less) travel courses usually take place outside the standard academic year, and should not change your graduation date.  


May I use frequent flyer miles to purchase my own air tickets? Students may choose to use frequent flyer miles for semester-long programs only. If you choose to purchase your own flights, $1000 will be discounted from your program fee (when applicable). Tell the Global Learning office upon application and then submit a copy of your ticket itinerary. You must arrive in the host country at the same time as or prior to the group.    


Do I need a visa to study abroad? Most U.S. students going abroad for programs less than 90 days do not require a visa.  The Global Learning office will let you know what your program requires and will work with you on this process. If you are a Lipscomb student and not a U.S. citizen, you may have different visa requirements. Please let us know upon application as well as the Coordinator for International Student Services.


Will my scholarships apply? It depends on the type of program you are considering.

For Lipscomb's Scholar (semester-long) programs, most scholarships apply. However, Lipscomb scholarships do not apply to study abroad programs with our partner organizations such as CCCU and MCCIE.

For Lipscomb's Apprentice (short-term) programs, check with your department or scholarship issuer to see if your scholarships will apply to study abroad experiences. If you apply an institutional scholarship OR an employee discount to the trip, your out-of-pocket cost (program fee) for the trip may increase. The reason for this is that the tuition is subsidized to help cover trip expenses. Therefore, if you use your scholarship to cover tuition, then the amount of trip expenses that you will need to cover may increase.

For either type of program, you can consult with Financial Aid about scholarships and the Business Office about setting up a payment schedule.  


Are there special scholarships for study abroad? If you are the recipient of a Federal Pell Grant, you are eligible to apply for the Gilman Scholarship. There are also a variety of other outside study abroad scholarships available for students who are willing to seek them out. Check out the following websites for study abroad scholarship opportunities: and


When should I study abroad? For semester-long ("Scholar") programs, we recommend that students study abroad during their sophomore year. This is because we believe it is important for students to get acquainted with campus life during their freshman year, and students are required to take most of their major courses during their junior and senior years. Apprentice trips run during summer and winter breaks, and students of all classifications are encouraged to apply.


Do I have to speak a foreign language to study abroad? No! We do not require that students have any foreign language skills prior to studying abroad. However, we do require that the student enroll in at least one foreign language course while abroad (applicable to all semester-long programs, except for London).


When should I apply for study abroad? Because of the high demand for our programs, we recommend that students apply about a year prior to the semester they want to study abroad. For short-term programs, students should apply several months prior to trip departure.


I still have further questions about studying abroad. Who should I contact? For general inquiries about Lipscomb’s study abroad program, contact the Global Learning department by phone (615-966-2100) or email (