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Applications are only processed upon receipt of the non-refundable $50 application fee.

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Application Requirements

Your application is considered complete only after you have submitted the following:

  • Application Form (this form)
  • Application Fee of $50
  • Instructions for paying your application fee will be emailed to you upon submission of this form.

Apprentice (Short-term) Program Information

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Passport Information

You do not need a passport to apply, but please begin the process immediately if you do not already have one. The only required information for this section is your full legal name as it will appear on your passport.

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Please read these declarations carefully. By checking each box you declare that you understand and agree to these terms.

Participation Requirements

Lipscomb University wishes every student an amazing international education experience. International travel can be an adventure to wake up in a new city every other day, yet it is a fast paced, stressful experience for some. Every student will experience some level of culture shock and uncertainty when traveling to a new culture. In order to ensure your health and safety while abroad, and to allow you to assess your level of comfort in determining if a Global Learning program is a good fit for you, we have outlined the following participation requirements which you will be expected to follow. These expectations are essential functions that are non-academic in nature, yet are requirements for the successful completion of any travel program. Most importantly, these requirements will contribute to a positive community environment while abroad.

If you are in need of academic accommodations, please follow up with Kaitlin Shetler, the Director of ACCESS Ability and Testing Services at 615-966-5737 (ext. 5737),

  • Students are expected to travel to and from the study abroad location and to various points within countries or regions with their group. Lipscomb Global Programs are designed to show many facets of a country including art, culture, architecture and historic sites. Therefore, the trip will require frequent travel that will include multiple destinations. You will need to be ready for long days and early departures with little down time. A typical day will require travel to a location, visiting a variety of sites, academic assignments related to the activity, and some time for meals as scheduled.
  • Students must be ready to travel by announced times, which are generally early mornings on field trips. This may include being ready for a long day of touring without returning to the place of lodging. You will need to have your personal belongings ready to move. All participants are expected to carry their own luggage of up to 50 pounds (23 kilos) during transit. You will also be expected to traverse to sites via bus, metro, tram, boat, coach, train or airplane. Students will be asked to take personal belongings with them during much of the travel time. You will need to transport your own belongings and understand that you may have to traverse some distance to get to your mode of transportation or next destination.
  • International travel requires a great deal of flexibility, as there is always the possibility that things will change or itineraries will be altered. Students must be ready to travel and stay with the group to ensure they have the most up-to-date travel information. Group travel ensures safety. Should you fail to meet the group, students will need to make their own way to the next destination, even if the written itinerary was changed due to unforeseen circumstances. The group cannot be expected to wait on any one individual and will continue on with the planned activities at announced schedule times.
  • Students will have local cuisine while abroad. One of the best parts of international travel is learning about culture through food. You will have time to explore the options in your country or region before you leave the US, but remember that the food will be different. If you have special dietary needs, it may be very difficult to locate foods that meet those needs while abroad. You are responsible to bring food if you feel that your needs cannot be met in the country where you will travel. If group meals are included in your program, it is unlikely that alternate meals will be provided to meet special dietary considerations.
  • Students will have a roommate and will share rooms; there may also be multiple roommates depending on the location. Students may share very small accommodations while abroad. Small spaces limit privacy and require shared bathroom facilities. Students must practice patience knowing that individuals can keep different schedules and study habits.
  • Students are reminded that the Honor Code and Campus Learning Covenant apply while they are abroad. Violations are reported to the Dean of Students at Lipscomb and you may face consequences when you return to campus. Incident reports can result in consequences such as a lower grade in your course, being sent home or possible expulsion from Lipscomb University.
  • Students must be able to complete the learning objectives outlined in the course syllabi, which will include work during the time abroad and may include work after returning from the international experience. There may be assignments expected of you while abroad, that you will be asked to complete in a short amount of time with very limited technology. Individual class requirements will be given by your faculty.


The policies of Lipscomb's Global Programs campuses abroad are generally the same as on the Nashville campus, but the following rules are more restrictive. To view all of the policies of the university you may access the Lipscomb Student Handbook here.
  • All students traveling away from the program city must do so in groups of 3 or more. At least 2 females must be included in any travel group that includes both men and women.
  • Students are required to carry an activated cell phone while abroad as a safety precaution. Rate plans with local providers are inexpensive. More information will be provided upon admittance.
  • Students must commit to respect the culture and customs of the countries visited.
  • My behavior will honor the code of conduct of Lipscomb University at all times.
  • I will participate fully in all preparatory meetings and activities.
  • I will notify the site director for all academic and program absences prior to the scheduled event. I understand that due to immigration policies, excused absences are for health reasons only and require a doctor's note.
  • I understand there is no provision for any absence due to family/friend visits.
  • I understand that the application fee is non-refundable and is charged to offset administrative costs for program operations.
  • Substantial expenses will be incurred on my behalf to purchase program related items. Should I withdraw from the program, I will still be charged for any expenses incurred on my behalf and will reimburse the university for any cancellation expenses and non-refundable costs.
  • Additional spending money will be required for the souvenirs and independent travel. I will display good stewardship with my monthly Bison Stampede meal plan disbursement for food.
  • I understand there is a NO tolerance alcohol policy while abroad.

Campus Abroad Covenant

Being a member of one of the Lipscomb Global Programs is a privilege extended to students in good standing with the university. All members of this community are expected to practice the highest standards of Christian morality and abide by values laid out in the Lipscomb Student Handbook. While the nature of studying abroad brings added independence, this is accompanied by greater amounts of responsibility and accountability. Each should model consideration for their fellow residents and actively seek the good of the entire community. The following expectations are equally binding in addition to the student handbook and any deviation may result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension from the program.

  • I understand that because specific actions are more damaging to the well-being of the community, there will be no tolerance for those who choose to violate the expectations regarding the use of drugs or alcohol, sexual misconduct, and/or theft.
  • I will honor all rules issued by the housing complex and all rules pertaining to the use of our academic facilities.
  • I understand that it is not appropriate for guests of the opposite gender to be allowed in bedrooms after midnight.
  • I understand that coursework is condensed, and that unexcused chapel or class absences are not built into the syllabi.
  • If I fail to maintain a 2.5 average on my work abroad I may have my travel privileges suspended to promote academic achievement.
  • I understand that I am responsible for carrying a working cell phone at all times, especially during independent travel.
  • I understand that I am responsible for all independent travel arrangements, and that I must file exact travel itineraries with the Site Director 2 days prior to departure. The Site Director must also be notified of any changes that occur to the itinerary.
  • I understand that when I am traveling outside of my host city independently, I must do so in groups of three or more. At least two women must be included in any co-ed travel group.
  • I understand that Lipscomb does not support or endorse students’ operate of motorized vehicles while abroad, or participation in any high risk activities such as sky diving, canyoning, paragliding, etc. Students who engage in these activities assume all risk, liability and financial burden associated with any participation incidents that arise. Lipscomb insurance does not cover these activities.

Lipscomb Global Programs Waiver

Please read the full Lipscomb waiver of liability found here as well as the summary of points found below. By choosing to participate in this trip, you are agreeing to the following with Lipscomb Global Programs - which includes Lipscomb staff, site directors, Lipscomb partners abroad, and Lipscomb University:

Disclaimer of Responsibility
  • I understand there are certain dangers, hazards, and risks inherent in domestic & international travel. The parties listed above are not responsible for any personal injuries or property damage that may occur.
  • Lipscomb Global Programs are not responsible for injuries, losses, or expenses resulting from circumstances within a trip, including but not limited to the actions of service suppliers (transportation carriers, hotels, government officials, etc), disruption of travel arrangements, weather, and civil/political unrest.
  • Lipscomb Global Programs reserve the right to cancel, postpone or modify a trip as deemed necessary by the appropriate parties.

  • I have provided complete and accurate information regarding my medical history, both current and past, in the Medical History section of this form.
  • There are no health-related reasons (emotional, mental or physical) that prevent or affect my participation in this trip.
  • I understand that I am responsible for my personal medical needs including insurance, medication, immunizations, and costs associated with destination-specific preventative care, treatment, or hospitalization.
  • I agree to grant my faculty-in-resident and site director the power and permission to make any emergency healthcare decisions that may arise (medical power of attorney). I understand that no responsibility is assumed for any injury, damage or expense that may arise from such decisions.

  • I agree to abide by the rules contained in the Lipscomb University Student Handbook, regardless of my classification.


Medical Insurance Information


Medical History

Note: Disclosure of medical or mental health issues does not disqualify a student from attending a trip.
Which of the following conditions are you currently being treated for, or have been treated for in the past (check all that apply)?
**If you are diabetic, you will need a written prescription from your doctor for the syringes/supplies for the airport authority. All medication accompanying you must be in the original container.

Payment Details

Students will pay the following:

  • Tuition - Check with your department or scholarship issuer to see if scholarships apply to study abroad experiences. If you apply any institutional aid such as scholarships, employee or VA benefits/discounts to the tuition, your program fee for the trip may increase. The reason for this is that the university subsidizes a portion of trip expenses with tuition dollars. Therefore, if you use your discount or scholarship to cover tuition, then the amount of trip expenses that you will need to cover may increase. Note: any subsidy applied to a trip for you is considered taxable income and the Business Office will issue you the appropriate tax forms. If you want to apply a discount or scholarship to a trip, you will need to schedule a joint meeting with Bonny O'Neill in the Office of Global Learning and Financial Aid to discuss specifics.
  • Please view the full Global Travel Policy that is linked on the Global Apprentice homepage.
  • Program Fee - varies by program and is dependent upon the number of participants in your program. The higher the participants, the lower the fee. Please refer to our website or the Apprentice program promotional sheets for more information. What is typically covered includes:
    • Round-trip airfare and public transportation costs while abroad for any program-related need (subway, tram, bus
    • Group trips, excursions and field trips, including hotel, transportation and admission to sites
    • Gratuities and taxes for group trips and local guides
    This fee does NOT include:
    • Independent travel or site seeing
    • Spending money for laundry, souvenirs, tickets to concerts or operas, supplies, meals expenses beyond the stipend, etc. This will vary by student but plan for an additional $300.

Application fees ($50) are only paid online and do not apply to your program fee or tuition. The $50 application fee is non-refundable (unless the trip is cancelled due to low headcount) and is charged to offset administrative costs for program operations.

Deposit ($500) deadlines for Apprentice programs, unless otherwise specified, are due as follows: January 15th (summer programs) and October 15th (Wintermester programs). Payment-in-full deadlines coincide with the university billing cycle and are as follows: December 1st (Wintermester) and May 1st (summer programs). If the program does not make by the critical cutoff date, the entire amount will be refunded to you.

Tuition, like the program fee, is billed according to the normal University billing cycle.

If you have not paid-in-full, including both the program fee and tuition, by the due date, you will not be allowed to attend the trip and you may receive no refunds.

Due to the nature of studying abroad, reservations and travel deposits are made well in advance of the group departure date. Only admitted students who have submitted the initial deposit will be considered program participants.

The Office of Global Learning must be notified in writing (letter or email) of a student's withdrawal.

Please review the following cancellation policy carefully.

Cancellation policy: If a student withdraws from a program less than 110 days prior to departure, the student may lose their deposit AND he/she will owe Lipscomb University the cost of any purchases made in his/her name (i.e. airline ticket, group travel, housing, etc.). This is not a penalty but a reasonable amount based upon Lipscomb's costs and expenses incurred to date.