International Travel Course Specifics for Faculty

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International Travel Course Resources

“One of my best memories is of riding bikes with students through Chinese neighborhoods, saying “Ni hao” to everyone we met, and stopping at the local open air market to interact with neighborhood residents.” 
~Susan Galbreath, Faculty Leader, China 2008 

Travel courses offer an experiential learning experience for all involved. As faculty leader, you will find yourself creating relationships with students that you just can’t create in a traditional classroom environment. This is one of the greatest take-a-ways for both faculty and students alike. You will also see your students engaged in new ways when their comfort zones are opened and their senses heightened. The following resources are designed to walk you through the process and provide best practices for creating your course:

International Travel Course Registration

Best practices for travel courses:

  1. Start planning 12-18 months prior to the departure date
  2. Identify and schedule interesting and effective experiential learning activities
  3. Determine housing and transportation options
  4. Create a preliminary budget using the link to the “Budget-Builder” 
  5. Meet with a staff member in the Office of Global Learning so we can assist with pricing and other logistics
  6. Create a course syllabus
  7. Create a detailed itinerary (we can provide examples for you to follow)
  8. Recruit students through information students, posters, in-class announcements
  9. Hold pre- and post-trip class sessions
  10. Travel with students
  11. Debrief with students