Domestic Travel Course Specifics

“In the academic world, we rather arbitrarily divide up the real world into separate disciplines like biology, literature, philosophy, etc… The great value of the Desert Learning Community is that it allows students to remove some of those disciplinary blinders and to study their interconnectedness rather than their isolation--a perspective that does much more justice to how the world really works.” ~ Dr. Matt Hearn

Domestic Travel Course Specifics

As faculty leader of a domestic travel course, you will find yourself creating relationships with students that you just can’t create in a traditional classroom environment. This is one of the greatest take-a-ways for both faculty and students alike. We hope the following resources will help as you progress through your travel course creation and implementation.

Registering a Domestic Travel Course

Best practices for domestic travel courses:

  • Start planning 10-18 months prior to the departure date

  • Identify and schedule interesting and effective experiential learning activities

  • Determine housing and transportation options

  • Create a preliminary budget using the link to the “Budget-Builder” 

  • Meet with a staff member in the Office of Global Learning for advice on logistics

  • Create a course syllabus

  • Create a detailed travel itinerary (we can provide examples for you to follow)

  • Recruit students through information students, posters, in-class announcements

  • Hold pre- and post-trip class sessions

  • Travel with students

  • Debrief with students